Watch How Orijen Pet Food is Made – The Best Dry Food in the Industry

Watch How Orijen Pet Food is Made – The Best Dry Food in the Industry

We caught up with Champion Pet Foods at Global Pet Expo. See the awesome ingredients that go into Orijen, and also what goes into the majority of other pet foods (Brand X).

We’re here to educate & inform the global pet community.




  1. Dogs are considered impure in India the native dogs ,people say in India they have done bad deeds in previous life that is why they are born as street dogs.Only 1 to 2 percent care about street dogs in India.They drink sewer water.

  2. We fed our dogs this food for few years, we bought a new bag and fed our 3 dogs. Before 8 that night all our dogs were in the emergency dept. 2 died. We contacted the dog food company the next day. They came to our home a couple days later and took the food. WE NEVER HEARD FROM THEM AGAIN. Origin killed my dogs.

  3. Excuses of why they charge an arm and a leg for the orijen food. With that king of money I can buy way better food for my pets and more for my money!

  4. BEST kibble! Just READ the ingredients. I fed this to my dog who even with cancer lived to be about 11 years old.

  5. That mix is very good when it’s raw ….You cook it you fk it up :/…..I will like to feed my baby apple in its natural form not a apple tablet 🙂

  6. If you truely love your pets, stay away from any kibble. Overly processed bullsh1t. The only difference in the brands is the different marketing strategies. These people are poisoning our pets.

  7. I think personally it’s a very good food, but it’s nothing when your dogs don’t like it and unfortunately my dogs didn’t like it.

  8. Even if Orijen is BSing about how they prepare their foods (and I’m not saying that they necessarily are), I’m glad that they tackled generic dog food processing. It’s highly processed food that can barely be called food. Cooked repeatedly at temperatures ranging from 280-300 F and supplemented to death with vitamins and minerals (which should hint at how little nutrients is present in the rest of the food). What dog can sustain a healthy life style eating that on a daily basis for years on end?

  9. "in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best dog food ** hope it helps you out too!"

  10. I use a mix of Orijen and acana. I like to alternate the flavours for my girl. She came off the street with a host a issues. Now the vet says she’s one of the healthiest dogs she’s seen. Her diet definitely has made a huge difference. I’ve recently started to give her a wetcan of petkind in addition to raw treats

  11. Orijen is a great brand that my Pup just refuses to eat. I burned quiet a hole in my pocket to get my lil boy to chow on it, but he just wont’t. And then I realized why, my dog is not a guard dog, not my hunting companion, not a farm dog so Orijen is just too much for his gut to handle. On Orijen he ad runny BM for as long as he was on it. Now I know why, LENTILS. Lentils may be low glycemic but is a natural gas generator.

  12. Too many legumes and potatoes in Acana and Orijen.
    It’s causing enlarged hearts AKA Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

  13. SO if you listed to what she says in detail between how the source the land animals vs how they source the sea animals. She states that it is better to get the whole animal and we source our meat from farms. For the fish however, she says the fish arrives whole and they grind it there. So how does the land meat come in? Is it diseased animals, dead animals, whole fresh animal, what??? She doesn’t talk much about the way the land meat is processed and the grade of land meat outside of "fresh". The farmers are not selling them high quality cows for dog food when they can get a premier price from a company where the meat will be used in restaurants. I’d like to hear more about that process for land animals.

  14. Was good till it was made in Canada ingredients changed taste changed according to cats tummies and refusal to eat is low grade food now

  15. So she adds some power.. god knows how its made.. and she says its good??? Um… dont be brain dead zombies. If u love your dog, cook fresh and u will have a 23 year old poodle and 19 year old German Shepard like i do. And a 3 year old toy poodle.. so cute! Do not believe any "manufacturers" of food. You will also die when ur 55 if you eat processed junk food every single day of ur life.. like so many brain dead dog owners do. This is an example.. 100% bullshit processed. BTW i love my dogs like my kids. 100% home made dinners just like us… the humans. Saying all this, there is better stuff… Stuff.. like this chic is talking about. So better is better… NOT BEST. Believe me!! Ur dog loves you more than you know!!

  16. Sorry.. Taste of the Wild is much better.. been feeding my cat Orijen for 2 years.. when I changed to TOTW there was a big change.. she looked better…vet said she has the health of a 6years old cat, although she is 10 😉

  17. Fresh home made balance diet is the best- raw diet or feed a cooked diet with ingredients we use to eat..
    If Orijen uses fresh meats & fresh fish why make it into a kibble with carbs – Lentils, Chickpeas, why not make Freeze Dried or Air dried formula’s NOT a kibble ??

  18. My kitty had to have surgery on her colon after a week of eating Orijen!!! It got stuck in her colon. $1,600 later…I am transitioning to a raw food diet!

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