Watch service dog calm war vet's PTSD reaction

Watch service dog calm war vet's PTSD reaction

Erick Scott knows first-hand what it’s like to suffer from PTSD. He was paired with a special service dog to help him combat his anxiety. He was amazed to see how his dog, Gumbo, reacted when he became agitated.

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  1. I have a German Shepherd service dog and his name is Rylie. He helps with my ptsd and I am only 11

  2. Thank you for your service brother. I remember the screaming bed wetting nights as well. My service dog has helped me more then any medication could. Cheers to your hero.

  3. I wonder how they sense the change.. maybe its because the body gives off an odour and the dogs pick this up or maybe they genuinely have telepathy …

  4. My dad was in the army and came home with PTSD and I have PTSD sooo I have a SD but my dad sadly passed away two years ago…

  5. Every military should have dogs for the medical stations. Don’t know if they do, but they should. It might be silly having a dog would help from losing a foot, but sometimes you just need someone to genuinely love you and comfort you in your hour of need. A human doctor just cannot show the same levels of empathy and attachment, and even if they can, they cannot afford it.

  6. PTSD Vet here. I ran into the same wall with medications. They either don’t work or drug you out. I was homeless in my car (Long story involving an ex) and had a guy threatening to kill me and break into my car. When the situation called for explosive action i wasn’t able to act and if he’d broken in probably would have died. Been off my meds ever since, just have to adapt and dance around my triggers. Since then I was able to pay off my debts enough to get into a ghetto apartment, I’m on a decent street. I leave for food. Normally keep my keys in my hand to ground me.

  7. The other person squared off against my wife and the hairs of the Rottweiler who was previously asleep were standing up starting near the tail and stopped near his neck. That’s when me and my Rottweiler were asked to leave the Taekwondo competition. Just pure instinct and a dog stands by its pack through thick and thin 😉

  8. Hi all. So, I went to Iraq in 2003, 04 and once again in 2006. I was discharged in 2009 due to having PTSD. I managed to get over it after 10 long years. I made a video about it. You can find it on my channel. I hope that it can help someone: @5ock

  9. well thats one way to cheapen a beautiful thing. FFS. didn’t all come back, come back, come back. It doesn’t need all that over production. Not even good and subtle, just cheap and nasty. it’s annoying because this is a beautiful thing. i suffer with cptsd, seeing the dog help at the right moment is amazing, much as my dogs help, help, help……

  10. I didn’t know what Da Faak PTSD was until 10 years down the road. We all handle it differently. Some use dogs, some use the bottle, weed, but let’s help the ones who suffer in silence. No more 22!

  11. If only they would of helped more then veterans who have PTSD. If only the medical system cared about civilians who have PTSD as well. If only you cared I would be here in the future and so would many others

  12. Yes, I feel terrible for our vets. But I feel worse for the poor regular joe who has something like Complex PTSD from years of trauma and abuse but has Zero resources to help. These vets get free dogs. Regular folk have to raise up to $25,000 for a service dog. Injustice.

  13. For people who are confused: 2:07 is when Gumbo responds. He hears his breathing start to get ragged (or maybe he was picking at his fingernails or bouncing his knee, another common somatic cue) and begins to respond dutifully. He starts by getting up into his lap to perform DPT, or deep pressure therapy. Deep pressure therapy is when a dog lays his body weight across certain points to regulate blood pressure, heart rate, and to keep someone calm and grounded. Kind of like a hug! Then, he nudges/licks his face to keep him focused and calm. This task is a imperative to preventing panic attacks

  14. In U.S Veterans are allowed free service dogs, paid for by government help for PTSD from war, yet they neglect, discriminate and refuse to help those suffering since childhood from PTSD, they are denied work oppertunities with the accommodation if they can even afford a $$$$ Service Dog, while government helps Veterans get a Service Dog and work that will accomedation them. Adults suffering from PTSD are discriminated in the un-understanding work place, no advocation, no understanding and companies don’t know how to or won’t accommodate them, they won’t allow them to work with a Service Dog because they are not veteran of war. This continues and ignoreance of this invisible disability is being neglected, being discriminated against and medical companies alomg with government won’t help provide right treatment of special trauma therapy and the cost of needed trained Emotional Support Tasking dogs and Service Dogs because they aren’t Veterans reguardless if these adults have suffered since early childhood. They neglect them and the treatment that will work not just medicine, but special treatment and if needed a service dog this falls on deaf ears because its an invisible disability trauma and our country does not want to do right by those none veteran suffers. They are abandoned and looked at weird and like theyvare high when they have a PTSD attack and the people around don’t know how to help or think they are a high attic on drugs and treat them like a drug attic and call police on them when they don’t have an advocate to explain its a PTSD attack and they aren’t doing drugs, it should not take having an Service Dog to get ignorant people to understand what a PTSD attack is and then embarrassed by employees around you as a customer your shamed and called names. If your not a Veteran of war then your dopped up and your PTSD Attack was attention seeking while high on something and not what yoou tell them it really is because of the stigma that PTSD and CPTSD is only in Veterans not womena who have suffered physically, verbal, emotional and mental abuse as children and that CPTSD and PTSD is only from war uneducated ignorant people say to you after having a CPTSD/PTSD Attack. Losing jobs because of it and no one understands and again the government only passes it off as an illness from the battle field with ignorance and destroy what little chance none-vets have at being able to live life of normalcy and get their life back or cope with this ignored issue our government has failed so manny women and men who aren’t vets with such ignorance and refusal to assist and help cover treatment for the invisible illness. My country from the 1st time as a baby I suffered and the years to come into teen years from bulling in school abandoned and discarded like trash because PTSD was only accepted for veterans and not those in everyday life, let down by a system that silences us from telling our story and educating ignorance in the work place and society we who suffer as well have a right to receive same treatment and compassion, consideration that the government and society gives war veterans who also suffer from PTSD we never asked to go through life suffering in silence from this, shamed and riddiculed by ignorance of our society.

  15. Omg that is amazing! I am about to get a dog for this very reason! I am so excited! I really hope it helps.


  16. Army National Guard and you have PTSD…. Come on man….. Not buying this guys claims.. Tell me when he has really done something in country to warrant a PTSD claim… Then maybe, then I will listen… Guys like this are the one abusing the system for a cash grab.. And the real members with actual legit real claims are suffering cause of stricter policy’s being implemented because of people like this guy and his bogus ass claims. Just cause he is an mentally weak individual doesn’t mean it had anything to do with it the military. This man is bogus… Army National Guard… pffttt Get real man… You seen about as much combat as that reporter you was sitting next to and speaking to. Friggen Bullshit.

  17. I am looking for a service Dog for ptsd all I keep finding on here is jokes fake YouTube videos can you tell me where to get one please? Thank you for being brave and protecting us .

  18. Pets have such a healing power for the mentally ill. I know there are specially trained service animals, but I feel like a lot of them just do it on their own once a bond is established.

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