We Fostered Rescue Dogs For Two Weeks • Ladylike

We Fostered Rescue Dogs For Two Weeks • Ladylike

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  1. I had the puppy of a rescue dog.
    My mom’s dog was pregnant (without anyone knowing) when they rescued her. All of them are dead now, and the last one (my dog) died in 2013.

  2. that face at 5:24 describes me in quarantine at y window when someones outside. And also every mood I’ve ever been in

  3. The only thing i wish they did was foster a pitbull to help kinda break the stereotype of them being mean but the dogs they got are amazing and so adorable

  4. Seems unfair to put the dogs through that when they could stay with one foster family until they are adopted, rather than being moved around again after 2 weeks!

  5. Changing dog names is cruel they’ve gotten used to one name and have already been abandoned/abused why add to the trama of a new place

  6. For the sake of the involved dogs’ welfare, I feel this video is quite irresponsible. I love that they are promoting fostering which is really important but it’s totally unfair to foster these dogs into a new unfamiliar environment, changing their names and rushing them into new experiences where they might be uncomfortable for the sake of only two weeks. These dogs have feelings too and will feel abandoned when they get sent back to the shelter.

  7. Devin, Dino is playing, he has German shepherd in him, and they love play fighting and can get rough. my gsd loves play fighting, it seems aggressive, but they are playing because shes wagging her tail. And gsd’s are also very protective, that’s y Dino’s growling

  8. I live in Indonesia theres not alot of foster care for dogs so its hard to find.It is hard to convise your parents to have a puppy.

  9. The blonde lady was not reading Dino’s signals correctly. He was dominant/protective over her right from the start

  10. I have 2 big dogs and that people get scared of them so I feel for Dino but people just see a big dog barking but really there just a big sucker for cuddles

  11. *gives dogs literally no time to adjust in this sudden change in life style with completely new people and surroundings*
    i cAnT uNdErStAnD wHy is hE uNomForTabLe aNd agGressive 🙁

  12. "Fosters dogs, day 1, take dogs to an office with dozens of people and photo shoots and other dogs around" – Oh that didn’t work out too well did it?

  13. Tics actually can make a dog super sad, if they have been there long enough. Usually if the tic is there for over a day, the dog might feel down and tired. I know this from experience, because I’ve had a dog for three years and he gets lots of tics

  14. Fostering dogs isn’t some cute video idea, they had good intentions but really should know more about dogs. Keeping a dog with kennel cough in the same room as dogs without..

  15. 14:54 like yaaah i gess she didn’t know that the dog ( Dino) was like : if you don’t take your hand of ov me i am going to bite you like relly hard.

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