1. Warms my heart to see how much you love the Cats.. They are so sweet and just need homes so they can be loved and happy.. You are such a kind person and a great Cat dad.. Honey is amazing and I am so happy for her and for you…

  2. We had big plans to go to the shelter & adopt a cat on death row when old man cat finally passes. Then along comes a feral kitten who in 6 months went from raiding the garbage bin to enslaving our family (yes we are the servants). Ironically this is 1st YouTube clip to pop up after going to vet to book in his desexing, vaccination and microchipping. Old man cat is not happy mind you having to share his slaves. Greetings from Australia.

  3. That white/black was special her fur was that way from nerves you should go back and save her she would thank you for years I almost wanna drive from south dakota to see this cat.

  4. They need to soundproof those doggies. The cat prolly stay in a perpetual state of stress having there natural predators barking next door.

  5. You seem like such a nice guy, then some broke desperate guy comes in with an item that you are pretty sure you will sell for $80-$100, and you give him $10.

  6. I can’t believe you didn’t adopt the beautiful white and gray longhaired kitty… I have no idea how you walked away from her.

  7. Ok, I know I’m annoying….but please go back and get the black and white cat who kept following you around so Honey has a friend. That cat chose you, she was trying so hard. Having two cats is good anyway because they give each other company.

  8. if I were that person owning that house, I would be like, " Insurance?! Pffft… who cares about insurance?! SAVE THAT KITTEN!!!" 5:54

  9. I’m so happy they were adopted together <3 incredibly, it was lucky that they were dumped… to end up with a family who deserves them. 4:56

  10. Thank you for the update! I wish you would have stated this in your video as I think many people got the wrong impression. Very relieved to know you took a "special needs" cat after all know. We all know the perfect ones will almost always get adopted. Thank youl again for the great video!

  11. Craigslist Hunter, you can’t go "shopping" for a kitty, she/he should pick you. How dare you not give the gray and white girl kitty a chance. She adored you. Shame on you. You can’t adopt an animal based off appearance. Shame on you. My heart feels for that sweet kitty at the 2nd place.

  12. I’ll happily take them all home. Wish I could win 100 million dollars. I would by an island where every homeless animal would have a home.

  13. I wish you guys would go back and adopt the beautiful black and white cat who kept following you around. She was trying to communicate with you. She chose you. Please consider it. I don’t know how you couldn’t have gotten her? She would be a great friend for Honey. Ok …I watched more, and what the eff is with that girl going "she’s older" when he said she was the one. That made me mad. All the more reason to get that beautiful girl. I can’t believe you guys didn’t get her.

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