WE STYLED DOGS! (Pet Streetwear, Accessories & Custom Clothes!!)

WE STYLED DOGS! (Pet Streetwear, Accessories & Custom Clothes!!)


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For this week’s episode, we’re styling dogs!

A challenge we’ve all been waiting for. This week on PAQ, each boy must find mans best friend a fire fit. We’ve styled all types celebrities and artists in the past, this time around, we’re doing things a little differently by linking up with some K9’s to find them an iconic fit. Watch the boys as they race against time to find the best and most stylish K9 garms London has to offer while making some new friends along the way.

Massive thank you to our friend Emma Breschi for coming through and judging this episode and a huge shout out to all of our K9 friends that featured in the episode. See you all next week!


  1. Omg pls do not feed dogs cheese!!! It’s horrible for them!! That doggy is going to have explosive diarrhoea. Also calling bullshit on the allergy dog lady. Like don’t unnecessarily restrain a dog’s diet. That’s how allergies develop…

  2. I like Danny’s bc not only is it fresh but it’s actually useful for the greyhound. It’s going to keep him warm in colder weather and the rain jacket keeps him dry.

  3. The hightlight for me was each PAQ member built a relationship with their dog. Elias was present with a dog with an health issue/cone; Danny’s dog breed was sensitive to cold and wet weather; Dex wanted a playful companion; Shaq had a reservation about putting on garments on /spending time hanging with his dog.

  4. I’m glad they chose big dogs! Especially the staffy and greyhound. They do actually get cold , so there’s a reason to put them in clothes lol

  5. This video is dead , I know u have to make content every week . But this is so shit u and Shaq didn’t even put any effort into it . Just skip a week if u are going to do this rather than showing us this crap

  6. im new to paq, don’t kow anything about them. is PAQ an acronym? are they all homosexual? what celebrities have they styled?>

  7. Actually love what Shaq did the most haha, letting that dog do his own thing and also creating an actual bond w him!!

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