We tested “PET FRIENDLY” Shops with Alpacas

We tested “PET FRIENDLY” Shops with Alpacas

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Big up to Orlando and Dinkz, real troopers.

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  1. Skip 3 min and 30 seconds if you hate all the dumb chit chat. The part of this video we all want to see will last about 35 seconds

  2. Lol! I should go to a "pet friendly" building in the UK and bring my pet baby grizzly bear. I would have to travel across the ocean tho.
    For anyone wondering, I have permission to own Duke and I will set him free (with professionals) soon after I nurse him back to full health. I let him choose between my house and an outside area and he chooses outside and I go squirrel hunting with him around my yard.

  3. They’re the size of big dogs, unless they sleep different then dogs I don’t see why they didn’t let them in (Unless they have a weight limit)

  4. It’s not fair. If you bring your pet crocodile to some pet friendly Cafe, you don’t expect to be allowed to go in, right?

  5. I’ve been wanting to test this out I’d like to see u try one of u being gay with a small dog the other being straight with a rottweiler.

  6. Those alpacas are so damn beautiful and docile. While I hate all the people just reaching out to pet them without asking, I do get it… They just look so fluffy and lovely. Such good boys!

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