WARNING THIS VIDEO IS A SIMULATED ANXIETY ATTACK. if this will trigger you or you simply dont want to see what an anxiety attack looks like dont watch!!! i know this a very vulnerable thing for me to post on the internet but i am all about being real and showing what mental illness is like. yes my attacks are usually 10x worse than this but i simulated a short calmer one for the sake of training and filming. this is to educate people on how service dogs can help with anxiety attacks. i do not care about the hate i will get because this will help atleast one person. the angles are pretty bad and you could not see alot of what brantley is trained to do but you get the idea! he is trained to not leave me alone, prevent me from hurting myself, sooth me, and stop unwanted behaviors. that is why he uses his paws to stop me from hurting myself, performs dpt, tactile simulation, and interupts behaviors. if you see this happening in public to anyone leave them alone and let their service dog do their job:)

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Morgan (me) 20 | Dissabilities include medical and psychiatric.
Brantley (Malinois mix) almost 2 |psychiatric/medical/mobility service dog.
Butch (Malinois) 1 year | pet that dabbles in sports

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  1. कोई भी ओरत को अपनी चुत कि मालीस करवानी हे तौ मे कर देगा और चुत को चाट के देगा मेरा वौटसौप नबर हे 7738147770

  2. Dog: No hitting the head.
    *girl stops hitting the head*
    Dog: No scratching the eyes.
    *Girl stops clawing eyes*
    Dog: and no scratching the leg!
    *Girl blinks at the dog*
    Girl: what are you? My mother?
    Nope, he is your bestfriend and your protector

  3. Panic attack:
    Service dog: *Im about to end this mans whole career*

    Edit: yes, I assumed panic attacks gender.

  4. I don’t understand how this could help people. I’d be like “aIl freaking out and now a dog is on my face wtf!!!!!!” It’d make it worse.

  5. Service dogs never leave their owners alone.
    I never leave my normal dog alone (probably just puts up with it bc I feed/play with her)

  6. Thank You!I have a service dog just for that and I’m so glad that you put this out there!Most people have NO IDEA that panic / anxiety attacks are REAL!! they have No Clue what some mental health problems truly are!! If you can’t see it it’s not real, it’s just you faking!!even had one lady "under her breath say He’s not blind!" well, no shit lady! Wish she could feel how I felt being there in Wal-Mart and so freeked out by all the COVID19 step’s the store had taken to protect us!! that it was all I could do even with my service animal to keep it to gather and not go into a full stage melt down like a little toddler!! Thank you again for bring this to light! Service animals are not only for the blind, death, and phiscyley handicapped. Ok, I know that’s not spelled right but I have some learning disabilities too, hope you know what I’m trying to say here.

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