What are Service Animals? What is a Service Dog? "We Welcome Service Animals"

What are Service Animals? What is a Service Dog? "We Welcome Service Animals"

“Welcome Service Animals” explains what a Service Animal is and how common types of Service Animals assist their disabled owners. This video is produced by the American Hotel & Lodging Association. It was created by the AHLA’s affiliate, the California Hotel & Lodging Association Educational Foundation with funding from American Express. It is also a helpful training video for police departments, restaurants, hotels motels and other public places.


  1. I have many visible and invisible disabilities I have a chihuahua for my main service dig and he and I work well together.

    Thnk you for this video.

  2.  OH YEAH, and also, it is very good exersise,because of a knee injury, it is better to push  my pumpkin around in her fancy carriage in more of a uniform straight line and consistant  gate and stride low impact you know,? (and I think it is probably better for me than just sitting on the sofa watching D.r. Phill………. (DUH) !!!

  3. was disabled 7 hours after I was born do to a stroke.though I never had a SD I like learning about this topic and maybe to train my own service dog

  4.  I need this privlage to be granted to me and my cat, she is truly an inspiration to everyone we encounter when we go  to take her for a stroll in her rolling carrier, it is the best way I have found, to enteract with other humans in a social setting, it is good therapy because I can see that my orange tabby female feline "Punkin" (who’s fixed) is enjoying herself, I find it much easier to engage in idle chit chat -n- such-n-suchn-stuff ! it’s a simple pleasure, but I really place a great  a mount of value on being able to witness people , and the way they react to her ! (being a cat and all)  I mean, GOLLY ! it’s just a domestic shorthair tabby , but you would think she was a movie star. 

  5. The only inaccuracy I found in this video is the woman who said that "all service dogs" are trained to eliminate on command.  Some service dogs ARE trained to do that, but not all are.  Just a thought.

  6. I was disabled at born I have mild CP where I lose my balance and fall. I am a service dog user. Conner is a yellow lab from Assistance Dogs of America Inc. I received in November 2007. he also uses a balance harness (sometimes) and his vest w his leash when I’m using my roller walker.

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