WHAT I FEED MY MOUSE // Mice Diet 101

WHAT I FEED MY MOUSE // Mice Diet 101

Well, guess who’s back!

Today I share what foods I feed my pet mouse and how I maintain a healthy diet for him. Please also suggest any video ideas! Keep the creative juices pumping!

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Hello! My name is Vivian and I’m a huge animal lover. I’ve been keeping pets since early childhood and I have a passion to educate and inform the public about misconceptions in pet care along with getting rid of the stigma that surrounds exotic pets. I’m also a huge theatre kid and I love singing, acting, and dancing.


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  1. Yayyy your back lol, I hope your finals went well and I love your hair. I want a mouse so bad but my finals are coming this week so I don’t have time to get a new child, I mean animals lol, maybe this summer though!

  2. I’d love some enclosure tours if you’re up to it during the summer!! The enclosures you do show are always so cool!

  3. Hi you looking so cute and your rat also please talking me I need your help please you send me a sms my what’s Aap number is 8400650041

  4. So close to 700 yay I’m so happy for you xxx love the green btw Great video love learning about different animals and how to feed them x

  5. I have three mice, they don’t really like carrots but they love oats. How many oats are too much for them a day/week?

  6. Thank you so much! You are the first person to say how much and how often you feed your mouse, so it’s great to finally have an idea of how much I should feed mice each day

  7. Just to pick you up on something, mice still need very low protein, it’s actually more of a problem than with rats, it’s recommend that poorly bred mice are kept on around 13% protein, too much protein can cause skin irritation, kidney problems, advanced tumour growth and obesity. I just felt that it’s quite important that the protein should be low, the biggest difference between mice and rat diet is phosphorus and seeds, rats can’t have to much phosphorus as it’s not kidney kind but mice thrive on oats and wheat. I’d strongly recommend working out the maths of the whole mix. Someone on hamsters hideout made a homemade mix calculator, it’s soooo important to be specific with diets and not just judge by eye.

  8. Well bred mice can handle higher protein, but for pet shop mice and “untracked lines” around 13% is best, so just the parakeet food alone would be fine for them

  9. I feed my mice things like leftover food and birdseed (I also feed them nuts and sometimes I feed them things like mealworms coz they are natural scavengers

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