What Is A Service Dog?

What Is A Service Dog?

Therapy dog, emotional support dog, service dog, they are all different!

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  1. I’m a copd patent and I’m wanting to make her a service dog for my lung problems and I’m on oxygen also what kind of training is there for her to be a service dog for my lung problems

  2. I have bad Anxiety and depression and I want to take my dog to school for a lot of reasons but what kind of dog would I need

  3. I think I have a anxiety of crossing streets and being home alone. Sometimes I get scared I start to wobble. But I can’t get a dog. To be honest I am scared of like EVERYTHING. When I might be able to get a dog should it be a service dog?

  4. please no rude comments
    I’m 16 And I have multiple different physiological diagnoses from my physiologist and have major panic attacks on random and my dog a mix breed ( mini greyhound/chuawaha) she is not trained professionally and I want to make it were I can take her to school with me. I don’t know how to go about getting access.. Please Help

  5. My wife is disabled and we r training our doberman to help her get off the ground, pull her up hills, stabilize her and alert her to dangers in case she doesn’t hear or smell dangers.

  6. What type of disabilities do you need to have in order to get a service dog? I’m doing a project about them since in my school people are bringing their service dogs around the school so we can see them and learn what they do. I can’t find anything so far… please help 🙁

  7. I didn’t know that emotional support dogs aren’t allowed in public places… That sucks because I might get one for my anxiety and my anxiety is the worst when I’m around people and in public places

  8. I have been known to get really dizzy sometimes and feel as if I might faint so when I got my German Shepard I decided to train it to help me with that (basically what he does is if I put my hand on my head he will tell me to sit down and if I faint he will lick my face and go up to a person and get them to follow them) I was never diagnosed with anything so people like to say my dog is fake so is he a fake or no

  9. This lady at the skating rink I go to refused service to me because of my ADHD service dog because I didn’t have "paper work" and because this lady with an emotional support animal who worked their that had a letter from her therapist and she told me that she had papers "proving it" so why didn’t I? Bottom line is I had to sit outside the skating rink with Nolen (my service dog) until my mom could pick me up he had his vest on and I had an id card

  10. The biggest problem that’s affecting America is that people are abusing calling their Dogs “Service Dogs” because they know that they can’t be questioned about it. These people don’t care about the law or whether or not they are affecting the public view of Service Dogs. Let me ask you this, CAN ANY DOG BE A SERVICE DOG, I know a ESA yes any animal can be from my understanding, but a Service Dog, can any DOG Including all breed, be defined as Service or is there a Standard?

  11. my service is just a baby and she is doing very well for only being 15 muns oldand when we go to the doctor she just sits eather in front of me so i cant moive without her knowinng or she sits on side waiting for me in the room to be done when we go to resteronts people dont even know she is there also she does really well in moive theaters as well

  12. i have been assessed with my service dog today. And i have been told I trained him very well to be a pat but i did not trained him to help me with my anxiety. Can u give me tips pls ??? Thanks

  13. I have a service dog because I cant go one day at school or public without having a panic attack and crying and freaking out and shortly after going home…and I missed 84 days of my first year of middle school and had to redo half of it over my Christmas and thanksgiving and part of summer. I recently got my SD and I can go to the grocery store now and feel secure and safe. I also suffer from severe allergies and asthma and I can’t breathe at all if I get stung by a bee, have a asthma attack, eat seafood, or eat peanuts so I require my Sd very much! She also reminds me to take my meds for my brain for personal reasons…she helps me so much and without her I would probably not be here right now

  14. So- i kinda have major (i mean pretty severe. Anxiety & panic attacks. Plus epilepsy) now i dont mind sharing this but only for this question.
    Now ive been think about a service dog,yet i feel like i would most likely need an emotional support dog. Which one would be best?

  15. Hi, just wanted to know if asthma can be something that may require a service dog sometime throughout my life. Please no one hate on this comment and call me stupid because I’m 10 and stupid so yah.

  16. I have a question, why are people with service dogs so rude ? Not everyone knows the existence of this new service dog fashion and not to pet them and shit..

  17. Every time I walk out of my front door, I pause knowing that with all the rules, laws, regulations and policies in place, I am pretty sure i am committing a federal crime. I don’t know what federal crime I am committing but I am sure there is one that applies. So, I stopped worrying about it. I will just have to live the rest of my life knowing I am a criminal.

  18. I kinda of have depression. I’m very young. Low teens. But I really don’t tell my parents. I have a Australian Shepherd. He helps me when I sad. So I want to qualify him for an Emotional Support Dog but how do I tell my parents?

  19. I understand why you think a person has a right to bring a dog to a public place because the person has a anxiety disorder.
    What if there is someone else there who has a anxiety to dog
    Do they not have a right to be there too.

  20. I would like to say that I am so grateful for the service dog videos you have posted. I suffer with fibromyalgia along with many other health conditions and had no idea that a service dog was even a possibility. I’m now looking into getting a service dog to help me get more out of my life. I also would like to say how much I enjoy your videos and I would really like to see a video about how to introduce a new budgie to my 3yr old rescue budgie that has been alone for his whole life. I’m also very envious of your home and all of your pets, you are living my dream. Thanks again so very much xxx

  21. Id like a service dog to motivate me out of bed and to take care of myself from depression, and comfort me and get between me and people when theyre too close in public. is blocking me from people and stopping me from scratching and shaking from anxiety a reason for a service dog?

  22. Would it be a service dog or an emotional support dog if I had a dog to help with my PTSD/Anxiety?

    Say I needed to have the animal with me to stop me from having panic attacks and such? When I have panic attacks I can’t breathe and I faint quite often, so I don’t know??

    Does anyone have an answer for me? ;-;

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