What it's Like to Have a Pet Alligator

What it's Like to Have a Pet Alligator

From bathing, to feeding, to cleaning, in this video I share with you my day-to-day life with a pet alligator! Rex is a rescued American Alligator that had a rough past, but we try to make her as happy as possible now 🙂

Link to Rex’s story video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Hnv_YzJQYU&t=37s

Music by BenSound and the YouTube studio library used under the creative commons license.


  1. Mannnnnnn this looks like so much effort! I couldnt look after one.. Good on you guys for being able to!

  2. Imagine being one of the fiercest predators to date and you get a grown lady sitting on you just to brush your teeth

  3. For rex s pool you can in stead of doing one pool. You can do one on top of each other so it’s thicker and tuffer

  4. Emily: rex is a girl but we call her him
    Same……little kids ask me what gender I am and I say girl but they call me him

  5. Soooo is Rex a Boy or a Girl? At 3:22 she says "Its already coming off of him" but at 7:05 she askes "Do we get her a pink pool?". So why are you saying him at 3:22 if Rex is a Girl?

  6. Boss at work: hey I’m going to have to ask you to work overtime
    Me: sorry I can’t I have to give my alligator a bath

  7. If rex is a girl then get her a boyfriend alligator that is when she will have egg developed meant so she can stop being without a boyfriend and baby

  8. Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she needs pink. That’s a bit of a stereotype but I mean I guess it’s your choice

  9. How strong is Rex’s bite? I’m guessing that despite her size she is still strong enough to cause some serious damage if she bites you.

    Emily: I’m putting you in your new home
    Rex: NOOOOO
    also rex: oh I like my home now

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