WHAT TO EAT IN EDMONTON! Wholesome Canadian Food Tour 🇨🇦

WHAT TO EAT IN EDMONTON! Wholesome Canadian Food Tour 🇨🇦

WHAT TO EAT IN EDMONTON! It’s an Alberta food tour featuring best Canadian BURGER, crispy green onion cake, FILIPINO desserts and more! Thank you Travel Alberta for hosting. What to do and see in Edmonton here: https://exploreedmonton.com/

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta, known for West Edmonton Mall, the LARGEST mall in North America and its festivals including Fringe Festival, Ice on Whyte, International Jazz Festival and more! Today we are in the city to see what to eat for breakfast, lunch, midday snack and dinner. Below are the Edmonton restaurants we covered (including some more recommendations from Edmontonians!)

-Duchess Bakeshop for macaroons & baked goods
-Tokiwa for best Edmonton ramen
-MEAT for Canadian BBQ
-Next Act Burger for a taste of that Alberta beef goodness!
-Green Onion Cake Man for crispy savory onion cakes!
-Yelo’d for Filipino inspired desserts with a homey twist
-Biera for creative small plates (we missed this while we were here, heard good things!)
-Baiju for late night eats and drinks
-Doughnut Party for, yes, donuts!
-SFC for yummy & cheap Korean fried chicken

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  1. I’m in Singapore right now…..flew into the Changi airport last night.
    I do almost the same thing as you…but I just don’t post it…I’m just not too computer savvy and well…..wish we could meet.
    You’re a smart and beautiful woman with talent. I’m just a retired 40 year old man….traveling

  2. Yelo’d and Meet were great places to recommend on Whyte! It’s probably my favourite area to go to but I have plenty of other favourites on Whyte Ave such as Remedy Cafe, Pip (brunch), Made by Marcus (from Calgary), and there’s also Wilfred’s in the Brewery district 🙂

  3. Do more episodes in Edmonton, ALSO come up North and try the best Fish and Chips in the world at Bullock’s Bistro

  4. Lol cute vlog. Glad u like Edmonton. I’ve been living here for 34 years and I never enjoy it just cant leave cause I havent won the lottery yet lol.

  5. Don’t come to Edmonton for culinary experience as there is none haha.
    All restaurants are copy paste of each other, franchise and sysco capital of Canada 🙁

  6. That couple .. look at the way they look at each other so sweet. And green onion pancake owner is so cute haha

    Btw idk why most people get macaroons and macarons confused. Those you ate were definitely macarons.

  7. Yelo’d has the best sweet treats around!!! And the most delicious, creative, homemade soft serve!!❤❤❤

  8. This is such a good series! Such in depth introduction with beautiful people and stories behind these food. This channel is so underrated.

  9. Hi please visit us again here in the Philippines and if you are here I will tour you to the places that you’ve never seen before I’m serious and of course teach you some filipino games hope to see you

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