Want to know what to feed your bunny?
Watch this video!

Suggested veggies list: https://rabbit.org/suggested-vegetables-and-fruits-for-a-rabbit-diet/

WOPET automatic pet feeder (30% off): https://www.wopet.com/collections/hot-sale/products/wopet-7l-timer-programmable-feeder

-Lennon’s instagram: http://www.instagram.com/lennonthebunny
-Lorelei’s instagram: http://www.instagram.com/loreleicarlson
-Lorelei’s Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs4SUu6RmaxV4jhyFTP7EAw

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  1. Can you still buy the things you linked if your from Sweden.Because in Sweden they don’t have this things so I thought I will ask if I can still buy from the websites you linked??

  2. So I just go my bunny and we have a small cage for him only for 2 days max and then we are free roaming him outside and inside

  3. My mom feeds my male rabbit twice a day and he eats hay for lunch (sometimes I feed him his brekfast). He is a harlequin mix and he is a big rabbit. He came with the name Patchouli when we adopted him and decided to keep that name. You can see him in my profile picture toward the left hand side of this text. Also my rabbit has never gotten sick in his whole life. I hope that if you adopt a rabbit, you get the same expirience as me. Bye! 🙂

  4. Question – why is on 0:14 carrot crossed, and on rabbit.org link you’ve shared in your description they say carrots could be up to 15 % of the bunny’s diet? What am I misunderstanding here?

  5. All our rabbits get and we have 5 is timothy hay pellets and grass anything but hay pellets and grass are classified as a treat and a rabbit can have this much sugger one or two times a week

  6. Rabbits with wide eyes are healthy ones.
    My cousins use to feed there rabbit’s hay but then
    they stopped doing it.
    So I watched this channel and did many researches
    and one day I told my cousins about it and they have a hutch,
    but I told them that they needed to free Rome there rabbits because
    they live in Australia.
    In Australia there is hawks, bats, etc,. My cousins’s rabbit’s name’s are,
    Coco, and Flopsy. Coco is a Brown coloured mini lop, and Flopsy is a Rabbit like Lennon with white fur and black chunks on her.
    I’m trying to inspire my cousins and in courage them to free Rome there rabbit someday.
    Especially because they have a dog in the backyard.
    I’m going to watch your videos more so I can encourage them to free Rome instead of keeping them
    outside and tell them to eat hay.

  7. Did you have to potty train Lennon? If so, how long did it take? I really want a Rabbit and I’m trying to gather more knowledge about rabbits before buying one. I want to provide a fantastic life for it!

  8. I always thought i do something wrong after watching ur videos i can be sure i got everything my bunny needs

  9. I feed my rabbits breakfast lunch and dinner and then maybe a treat for both of them once they have had lunch.

  10. “My mom :gets out a box of spring mix……….me:THATS RABBIT FOOD!!!also me:doesn’t have a rabbit…yet

  11. Thanks! You should do a detailed video for 5 months or younger only. I notice finding younger babies in the wild is very common and hard to find adult ones because you know, they’re adults. They know exactly what they’re doing.

  12. I have a french dwarf ear bunny called Teddy and when I got him I got told to not feed him to many greens because it’s bad for them and to only give a wee bit every so often but the bunny I used to have I got told to feed lots of vegetables and I have been watching this channel for 2 years you are my favourite you tuber

  13. personally I don’t like using the term ‘bunny’ to describe a rabbit unless, of course, it is a baby, or young. the reason for this is that in my opinion naming rabbits by this creates an image of a young, baby rabbit – the ones which are sought after and abandoned once they grow. by using the term ‘rabbit’ instead, I like to think it creates an image in your audiences mind of all rabbits, not just the cute baby ones. Idk, just me xD

    anyway here’s my story 😀

    I had a little rabbit called crunchie. he was my first ever rabbit and everybody in my house absolutely adored him! at first, he was living outside in a hutch but thanks to Lorelei’s videos I managed to convince my grandparents to let him have an indoor enclosure and eventually be more or less free roam, other than night times. he was extremely spoiled, and as he grew showed a laid back and greedy personality, that of the lop breed which he was. he was also a beautiful harlequin rabbit, gingers, browns and blacks bursting through his fur. unfortunately, we used to go on holidays a lot and I was never allowed to bring him as they were only for a short period of time and there was no point, so we left him with a trusted rabbit-sitter. he did actually pass away from what I think was GI stasis. we never noticed he had it until it was too late.

    So now, my friend has announced her rabbits are pregnant! Only problem is, she is sort of a backyard breeder and I do not want to support her and what she is doing. She isn’t breeding tons of rabbits, infact she only has 2 or 3 at one time. But she feeds them veggies ‘as a treat’ and pellets; bowls and bowls of pellets. No hate to her, she is amazing and one of my bestest friends!!! Thanks to her announcement, I have decided to clean all of the old rabbit supplies and get another rabbit. (Crunchie did live alone yet was always in contact with me, as this one will be hopefully.)

    Cannot wait to share the journey on my channel!

  14. Im getting a bunny soon. He can’t go home with me until late April. I’m super nervous because I want the best for him and don’t want to ruin his health. Your videos have definitely helped me build my confidence. Is there a way to contact you in case I have more questions?

  15. ᕼOᗯ ᗰᑌᑕᕼ ᗪOEᔕ TᕼE ᑕOᔕT Oᖴ ᗩ ᖇᗩᗷᗷIT ᗩᗪᗪ ᑌᑭ TO?
    IᑎᑕᒪᑌᗪIᑎG ᗩᒪᒪ ᔕᑌᑭᑭᒪIEᔕ.
    -ᵞᴼᵁᴿ ᴺᵁᴹᴮᴱᴿ ᴼᴺᴱ ᶠᴬᴺ,ᶠᴿᴱᵞᴬ

  16. Thank you so much for this video! I just got a bunny, he’s about less than 2 months. How many times a day should I be feeding him? xo

  17. I am getting two rabbit and of course I’m gonna free roam them in my apartment but sence they arent littler trained my mom won the battle of dont put them in the bathroom for a week in till they are litter train

  18. I recently rescued a rabbit from a couple of girls that dumped her. Your videos are soooo helpful and Me and Bella just wanted to thank you.

  19. Since I discovered your channel, I’ve been passing on the information and education from you to the customers at the Pet Store I work at. I am making sure to give them the right info for their rabbits as much as I can. 🙂

  20. I usually feed my bunny when I wake up around ten, around lunch time, around dinner time, and she has a little bit of food before I go to sleep

  21. Hi Lorelei, I was wondering if you could do a house rabbit makeover with me and my rabbit, we have one that I want to free roam and two other that really aren’t up to me but I want to free roam them too. some things that need working on are the litter box all the way, diet, and routine. It would mean a lot because I love bunnies and want to make it to where people can help with they way bunnies are looked at such as caged animals and more.

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