What to know about the history of Stuffed Animals

In 1880, a German Company called Steiff Inc. introduced the first stuffed animal toy using the latest technology which was used to develop upholstery at that time. A variety of Stuffed Animals after this were manufactured using the advanced methods of creating these stuffed toy Animals for the pleasure of children and adults.

A variety of Stuffed Animal toys like Sock monkeys, which are produced from socks and Japanese type crocheted or knitted cute Stuffed Animals known as amigarumi were introduced in 2003. These stuffed toy animals were funny looking with their oversized heads and undersized limbs but they were really cute stuffed toys. In 1993 , a new line of stuffed animal beanbags called Beanie Babies were launched offering many attractive marketing strategies, such as giving them personalities, names and birthdays and these stuffed animals had a collectors value after a certain period of time.

Stuffed Animals are beneficial because they are cheaper than any other toy and easier to buy. Many departmental stores sell Stuffed Animal toys which has educational benefits. Since these stuffed toys are cute and safe it can be presented as gifts to both girls and boys of any age.

Stuffed toy animals help to brighten a child’s room and it may take on an imaginary character and becomes an imaginary friend and a favorite toy which helps to cheer them up. Stuffed animals are believed to be a child’s best companion in many ways such as promoting good health, get the necessary sleep for its well being and health, and gives a lot of comfort during an illness if the baby has a cuddly stuffed animal  beside him or her as a pet.

Stuffed toy animals bring lots of joy to children and adults. And especially children love to play with Teddy bears compared to other stuffed toy animals although today many electronic toys have conquered the market still the Stuffed Animals are more popular.

Advantages of having different types of stuffed animals give the child a sense of some security and a feeling that he or she has many friends around him or her. If the child has no brothers or sisters, and having working parents who are too busy to look into their children’s needs find them as good companions. The children who play with stuffed and plush toys are less excited more emphatic and behave in a better way with their family members unlike children who play with other toys. Researchers say that these stuffed or plush animal toys have a soothing effect on the child.

Before purchasing a stuffed animal toy it is always advisable to bear in mind to buy according to your child’s preference.  Toys like stuffed animals are the best choices to be presented to your child to help bring happiness.

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