WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE GETTING AN ESA // Emotional Support Dog Training + More 🐶

WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE GETTING AN ESA // Emotional Support Dog Training + More 🐶

Today we’re talking all about ESAs or Emotional Support Animals! I guess I should mostly say Emotional Support Dogs. If you’re thinking of adding a new pup to your family for support through a chronic illness (mental and/or physical) I am so very excited for you! I think this is one of the best things you can do for your health journey.

These are just a few things I wish I knew based on my experience having Oakley. If you have an ESA, can you share what you wish you knew before getting them in the comments below? I’d love to hear from you. 👇

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  1. I have been feeling suicidal and down lately and I haven’t been getting lot of sleep nor eating much I want to tell someone but I don’t know who. It is difficult for me. I don’t have depression, so don’t say I am saying I have depression it’s just life is hard for me.

  2. In my province in Canada an ESA does not grant the right to have them live with you regardless of renting or condo rules about pets. So really it would only be helpful if you need to fly with your ESA. I guess everywhere is different.

  3. I work at a dog boarding facility so if anyone has questions about breeds that you should or definitely should not get I’ll do my best to tell you about my experience with them (I might not have experience with less popular breeds)

  4. I have anxiety and a fear of talking to people, i also have insomnia and other troubles sleeping. My parents are divorced and everytime my parents are around each other. I also have a problem with my feet and I might have to get surgery if I’m not active enough.

    I might consider getting an ESA but I’m not quite sure if I need one.

  5. hi! I’m thinking of getting ESA and thank you for this video and I have severe social anxiety and a HUGE amount of stress and I usually have these in public and crowded places however I don’t have a therapist i used to but he passed away and I stayed far away from therapists because the country I live in barley have any and the ones I go to don’t change anything not even my mindset my whole family knows about this and its very easy to see my mental disability everyone including ever therapist I’ve ever met suggested a ESA but I never thought of it that way is there any way I could get a ESA without a note

  6. I wonder how old you have to be to get an emotional support dog…I’m almost 13…next month witch is September

  7. Hi!! I’m training my dog to be a emotional support dog, I have some stuff going on and she’s helping me so well, but I also trained her!

  8. I have BPD and my therapist, family and I are working separately (therapist with parents vs therapist with me) and my parents are considering getting me a ESA female chihuahua. I already have a dog, he is very well trained, but whenever I cry, he goes to another room 🙁 He is already 11 years old, he is a Golden Retriever, and honestly if I don’t have him around I would just give up. so finding another I cobnsider it is a HUGE important project for my life, and in long term.
    My therapist told me you can train them doing ALSO mindfulness with you, syncing your breathing patterns with theirs and so on.

    Does any of you have an ESA Chihuahua?

  9. Can hamster be good ESA because i have really bad anxiety and I can’t afford to take care of a dog but I can afford a hamster and to be good at taking care of it . ???

  10. I just got a puppy to train and register as a ESA. I wanted a high energy dog to help me get out and get active more so i got a Black Lab and Begal mix. Im also going to train her as a therapy dog. Im so excited.

  11. I have Bipolar disorder and I’m trying to get a emotional support dog because I get really bad anxiety attacks and I was told my therapist would be able to write me a note. Does anyone know if that’s true? And what’s the normal price?

  12. I very recently started therapy because I realized I have much more trauma than I expected from an incident four years ago. I seem to have mild or moderate PTSD and GAD (according to my therapist). One of my big issues is pretty intense paranoia in public— especially alone or with small groups— and a high distrust of men, or if I feel cornered. I’ve got to give it more thought, but I’ve been thinking about adopting a dog to be my ESA so I can at least walk around in public without exhausting levels of irrational fear among other issues.

  13. Does anyone in Texas have a therapist or physician they recommend for writing letters? I have been having trouble locating someone.

  14. Hi I was wondering if you could help me understand how to get an ESA dog. I have a therapist who can write me a note but I don’t understand where I submit this letter to? Can you help me understand what to do? Thank you!

  15. Hello – lovely video. What a sweet dog. I will be getting a toy poodle in about 6 months once I qualify as a counsellor. I have severe CPTSD from childhood rape and subsequent pregnancy and loss of my baby. It eventually made me have psychosis and I nearly killed myself whilst I was psychotic. Luckily I had my beautiful dog at the time to get me through it but she lived with my parents in a different city. My hero and now my angel – she will be playing with my baby in Heaven now. Can’t wait to get a little toy poodle, who I will also use with my clients to calm them down

  16. I want to adopt a dog but i need a breed suitible for my family and i usally can’t find that at a shelter. Although me and my family are gonna try to go to a shelter then if we can’t a good breed then we will have to buy a suitble breed.

  17. I’m not sure if I need one. I have no friends and get so scared to even walk outside my front door thinking, “What if somebody judges how I look?” “What if somebody laughs at me?” “What if somebody kidnaps me?” I can’t go outside with all those questions in my head. I have a dog and she is so wonderful I dunno what I would do without her. My dog is nice to me, my brothers, and my parents but isn’t nice to anyone else. She barks and growls and scratches at everyone besides my family. Once my brothers friend came over and we let her in from the backyard for one second and she scratched him up. After that we decided to call his mom to pick him up. I can’t imagine how angry she would be on a plane. My whole family is thinking of moving to South Korea. I don’t want to move there because, well, I don’t have a specific reason. I’m just terrified the only reason I can think of is the fact I don’t speak their language. My dog would be so angry on the plane but I feel like I need her there right in front of me while sitting on that plane. I want an ESA because I feel like it would help me so much but my dog would try to eat the freaking dog. It gets me so stressed about just thinking of my dog being angry and attacking the ESA.

    Love you lots everyone. ❤️

  18. im looking into having my puppy trained as an ESA, I have ptsd, anxiety and depression, its been getting really bad lately, my therapist is looking into getting me all that information

  19. Get a German Shepard there won’t be a moment you say I regret getting you on the contrary you find your self thinking this is a four legged person

  20. Thank You so much! I am looking for a cavalier because of Your video and i want to do it the way You did the training (self trained w books videos) , i am just looking for a puppy , so happy finally decided to do it

  21. I plan to eventually get a dog to train to be my ESA. I wish I could get a service dog so I could be able to take them out with me, but the cost of one or the amount of training is too much for me. Thankfully I don’t leave the house too much.

  22. So I have been thinking about getting an emotional support dog. And I came across the term therapy dog, as well. And my intention is to bring the dog with me to school, in class. Is that allowed for esa’s only or therapy dogs only or both?

  23. My golden retriever puppy is being trained by professionals to be an ESA { but high training } so she doesn’t get excited around other people while wearing her vest- as stated in the video they’re not the same { service and ESA } but i have bad anxiety and I can’t focus/socialize without her in my sight- so my psychologist has gotten permission for me to bring her to ‘most’ public places – / school/shopping malls- etc: when shes finished her training course and has full required skills so she isn’t a distraction! Loved the vid tho and love your channel! so much love for trainers < 3

  24. I’ve never actually be diagnosed with anything but can I get an emotional support dog if I feel scared about literally everything and being petrified of the thought of something going bad or wrong. I’m also like really shy and uncomfortable around pretty much all people??

  25. i just got a mini double doodle (labradoodle and goldendoodle mixed) and both his parents were esas so he’s really calm and has been very easy to train so far. any tips for training him to be an actual esa? or just helping i’ve had severe anxiety since 2nd grade and depression since 7th and my family has talked about getting an esa the problem is the cost. is there any way to train him at home for anxiety?

  26. i have clinical depression and my dog really helps me out but I’m worried that I don’t have a ‘real disability’ and I’m too shy to talk to my parents/doctor about a service dog. so im just going to ask about an esa

    oh, and quick question. you have to ask your doctor to approve of it and give you a doctors note and stuff. So doesn’t that mean that they’re considered ‘medical equipment’ and should be allowed to have public access rights?

  27. I have a maltipoo I’m trying to train and me ad him have the same connection ive had him for a year and he has helped mw though alot of panic attackts the only thing is I havent been to a therapist for my symptoms

  28. I took my ESA to my families today and I’ve been training him for 4 months now. He’s very good at working with me and I let him on his day off that day. My conditions require me that I can’t be without him. He’s helped me out a lot in public and he’s okay with being touched by others and ignores animals. My cousin kept harassing me to let his dog play with my dog. At the time he was working and I am very uncomfortable around my family. I was pressured to say yes and my dog didn’t want to play with his dog. Instead his dog attacked my dog and got on him, holding him by his neck. They all let them bite my ESA while I was screaming stop, everyone was laughing and was chanting to see who would win in a fight. My dog was crying a lot and screaming, I was scared to death and was shaking up. I needed to leave immediately and was crying in the bathroom with my ESA. I forced my mom to drive me home and I had a full on argument with my mom going home because she was telling me that they were playing around. That’s not playing around, their dog who isn’t socialized attacked my dog on equal territory.

  29. this is exactly the video i needed!!! i was so stressed about the expensive certification and you just cleared all of that anxiety

  30. If I want a dog to come with me to the doctors, I would need a service dog? I get nervous when my blood pressure is taken so of course it skyrockets. Having a dog with me may calm me down. I know it sounds dumb..

  31. I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. I’m hopefully going to be able to get an ESA soon! My psychiatrist told me that I might qualify with a SD but and ESA fits my life better. I am planning on getting training after they get to a year old to help with my flashbacks and panic attacks.

  32. This video was great to watch. I’ve been debating on getting a ESA for the longest time but lost hope due to my guardian refusing (which is understandable, I don’t blame her!) I suffer from anxiety, clinical depression, adhd, possible bpd and autism and almost positive i have restless leg syndrome and ptsd from multiple traumatic events. I have anixety attacks from just seeings someome change of text pattern or tone. I overthink and constantly think I’m lonely amd noone cares for me. It’s worse since my uncle died 3 years ago from an heart attack and my mother died due to a hit and run 2 years ago. Animals were always a comfort to me and helped with my anxiety and needing to harm myself, but they were always taken away and now I’m alone and have anxiety attacks in my room and need to be comforted everyday and I just think I’n an attention seeker at this point? Like maybe I should suck it up and go. I just need something there so bad I can’t even describe it I feel terrible feeling like this everyday it gets me distracted from my work even more.

    I just want a dog that I know wont mind laying down with me and encouraging me to go outside (which I struggle with due to someone that has traumatized me living in my neighborhood) I’m just so lost

  33. My therapist wants me to make my dog a ESA, it’s so hard to leave him behind when going to work. We’re in process of doing this my disability is complex ptsd and regular ptsd.

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