What We Feed Our Dog: Homemade Vegan Dog Food Recipe

What We Feed Our Dog: Homemade Vegan Dog Food Recipe

Have a picky pet or a furry friend who could use a health boost? Yes, our canine counterparts can be vegan, just like we can! Dogs are omnivorous, meaning that they can subsist on meat and/or plant foods. Especially with our large breed Bernese Mountain Dog, proper nutrition and reducing inflammation is of utmost importance!

We initially switched Beau to a vegan dog kibble, V-Dog, because he simply did not enjoy and would not eat his other name-brand conventional kibble. When we let him try V-Dog for the first time, he gobbled it up so fast, we knew we couldn’t go back! From time to time, we also enjoy whipping up some homemade vegan dog food for our fur baby in our Instant Pot, because we think pets should get to enjoy a variety of fruits, veggies, and whole grains just like we do! We found dietary information shared by fellow YouTuber, High Carb Hannah to be super helpful to us in formulating our recipe, so be sure to check out her video linked below! This plant-based recipe is simple and nutritious, and helps to extend the use of your vegan kibble, and make it more tasty and enjoyable for your pup!

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★ VegeDog, Green Mush, Cranimals Supplements & Vegan Canine Nutrition Info: https://compassioncircle.com/

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  1. You are almost a fucking skeleton and you claim veganism is healthy. Look in the mirror before it’s too late you fucking idiots.

  2. Is it safe to put the sweet potatoes skin on? I know regular potato skin is toxic to dogs . Do you have info or a link for that?

  3. You’re right! Bramble held the Guinness World Record for being the world’s oldest dog at the time. As a veggie eating dog, Bramble lived on an exclusively vegetarian diet of organic vegetables, rice, and lentils. Bramble only ate once a day and she exercised a lot.

  4. Dogs are not strict omnivores, they are carnivores, who supplement when needed with vegetable matter. It is fake science that they are omnivores. If you make you dog be a strict vegan, you are abusing your dog. It is abuse to feed an animal a diet that it did not evolve to eat. I would never sell a Vegan a puppy. Even animals like Bear and Pigs, who are more omnivore, still prefer meat over any vegetable matter. Get smart people!

  5. Instinctively we eat according to the vitamins and sources of energy we need, therefore that is all that matters. Yes.. Dogs can be vegan as long as their nutritional standards are met.

  6. I started my dogs on a plant base diet almost a year ago I one of my meals is very similar to the one you just made, I only cook the legumes, rice and quinoa all the vegetables are ground raw. My boy is a 12lb. 4yr. old Chorkie he is doing very well his coat has gotten so shiny and thick his hair color has gotten darker and he is not as aggressive as he use to be, he kept suffering from yeast and ear infections since he has been on a plant based diet he hasn’t had another ear infection and his teeth has gotten very white. The girl is a 4yr. old 9lb. Yorkiepoo she seems to be doing well but her hair is thinning and she scratches a lot I tweeked the diet a bit and she seems to be doing better I am also planning to add a daily vitamin to see if that helps, her teeth are doing much better and they are both full of energy.

  7. Love this!! I have a vegan Newfoundland 🙂 also is there any dog products (bed/toys/bowls) you recommend that are also vegan/eco friendly? Thanks!

  8. I feed my dog a vegan diet but can you guys tell me what else I should be giving him to keep him healthy? He’s 20 lbs and 10 years old, he’s already pretty healthy but I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing? I know you are not vets but I feel you are extremely knowledgeable. One of my friends that’s not vegan made a comment that he’s not getting everything he needs. My vet has never said anything that I’m doing wrong but just want to make sure. Thank you guys for all your information!

  9. I would soak the barley and lentils overnight. You really want them to breakdown to be absorbed. Dogs digestive tracts are way shorter than ours.

  10. When you make a pot of this, how many servings does it last you (If you serve it as a gravy to a dog kibble)?

  11. It’s so good to watch this video. I already knew about the vegedog and green mush and have been using them in my homemade vegan dog food.
    Before going vegan, one of my shih tzus was acting very lethargic and she’s only 6 years old. She was also diagnosed with cholesterol plaques in her eyes. That’s the reason I started with their new diet. As soon as we started with it, she became a very happy and active dog. Another change in her behavior was her kindness. She now wants to curl up and will lick my whole face if I let her. It’s an amazing change. Sometimes they don’t go for it, but all it takes is to force a itty bitty amount inside their lips and they get interested in a few seconds.

  12. Hi did you cook it further after adding the kale and carrots? I don’t understand how you got the smooth consistency after adding the big raw carrots frozen blueberries and raw kale?

  13. Thank you for the really nice video. I’ve been advised to put my dog who is a German shepherd on a vegan diet like you prescribed here. She has seizures and it’s very scary. This was practical and soothing information for someone in my situation. Thank you for posting.

  14. I wish v-dog and those supplements were available in Nepal. Is there anything u cud suggest for ur viewers from the third world who do not have access to these things?

  15. Awesome video, been transitioning my 12-year-old pitbull to eat a plant-based diet. He currently weighs about 80 pounds and could stand to lose probably 7 to 10 pounds how often and how much a day should I feed him on a plant based diet ?

  16. How muxh does that pot cost and how long does it last with your
    Pooch? My dog is a Boston terrier and she eats some vegan foods but her dog food is an ominivore diet.

  17. Nice video, but you seriously don’t need any supplements! My dogs have been vegan for over five years and are doing amazing! My oldest Labrador Retriever was 14 in September, and is still doing well! Look up Anne Heritage and her dog Bramble, who lived over 25 years. She used a very simple vegan diet with no supplements. I believe her other dogs lived between 20-23 years! ❤️ and remember, when you introduce processed food/dog food into their diet, you will have tooth decay. Also, will not be as healthy using processed food.

  18. If you love dog or cat, we should also be loving other animals by not killing chicken, goat, cow or any other innocent animal…..

  19. Did y’all feed them this as puppies and do you suggest doing this for puppies? Worried about our new puppies growth and development.

  20. This comment will probably be deleted. All I see in this video is ego, this is not natural for a dog, and it is only serving the purpose of your disinformed youtube channel and lifestyle. For people who care about animals, it always amazes me when a vegan decides to feed its carnivore pet a vegan diet, its like a slow cruel death to the pet. But hey, atleast you are making a profit off the products sold through the video description right?

  21. How do I feed my cat if I were vegan? I heard cats aren’t vegans. Do I raise a chicken and feed it’s eggs to the cat? But egg laying chickens lay a crap ton of eggs and it’s a little sad to watch them lay eggs till they look like a pathetic empty bag. Their existence is just suffering.

  22. I was so excited for this, tried it, but after blending it and adding the flax and yeast, it turned into thick mush and my dog did not take to it well. Maybe I didn’t add enough water?

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