Today’s video is informing you on what you need for a mouse. So whether you’re a mouse beginner or are bringing your new mouse home, it’s important to be prepared and I hope this video helps you with exactly that. Hope you enjoy and find it helpful 🙂 x

Mouse Diet Basics – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3rXc3tLtug&t=109s

All About Mice Wheels – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGnDOcP7he0&t=56s






Filmed with: Canon EOS 70D Camera

Edited with: Final Cut Pro X


  1. So you gave us recommendations for if our mice are under 6 months old an for over 6 months old. But what about when they’re _at_ 6 months old?

  2. Lmao In Ebay you can find such cheap cages xD
    I probably buy it for average price because I want my mice to have a comfortable home 😉

  3. I’m not saying they can’t or won’t…omg. I’m saying the CAN be together not SHOULD. But I’m ending this conversation. I’m just giving my opinion.

  4. Never said there wasn’t, just like with an animal there’s always that little chance. I’m just saying they can be as long as they’re neutered.

  5. How bad is the smell?
    I really wanna get mice but im afraid my sensetive nose will not make it possible.

  6. Ok I do hate when people say mice and rats are the “same” but are the diets the same for human food, like ya know like veg and that stuff?

  7. This is really helpful lol, I’m getting two mice soon that I’m gonna name MooMoo and Mishi and I’m really excited just really hope they like being handled!

  8. My mice Ginger and Cookie love tropical island dried fruits with low fat no stir peanut butter on their wooden hut. I have never seen mice so picky when it comes to their food. They don’t like corn or dried pomegranates or dried pineapples. But they love Peanuts, Cashews.

  9. I’m thinking of getting mice so would I be able to used ripped up small pieces of newspaper? I get a lot of it and I want to recycle but if I can’t use them I’ll get one of the brands you recommended. Also thanks this video is very educational.

  10. Thank you this help me so much especially how you showed pictures of the food and some of the supplies that you will need thank you

  11. What dimensions do you recommend for a bin, to make a bin cage. Am planning on getting 2-3 female mice in a few months when I’m ready.

  12. When I got my first mouse, I made sooo many mistakes.. the wrong food, wrong wheel, wrong cage.. ugh
    But now I still have that mouse (and many others) and thanks to you, they now have proper care 😀
    Thank you so much, I’m so glad I found this video when I fid

  13. Thank you for helping now if I clean my room and make space, my dad will buy me a mouse! THANK YOU IM SO EXCITED!

  14. I’m ssooooo happy as I have had many hamsters in my life but really wanted a mouse and now I can get one as I already have many of the things I need for one including a large detof cage

  15. I used to look after these mice’s in 2016 and the mom gave birth to a lot and most of them have passed away in 2017-2018. I had 20-25 of them and I am sad they’re gone…

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