What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Pet Monkey

What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Pet Monkey

LL (#325) What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Pet Monkey White Faced Capuchin Monkey. Answers to many of the asked questions about owning a monkey

Lillian Louise How a Pet Monkey Acts Outside:

Lillian Louise Will a Pet Monkey Run Away?:

Lillian Louise Pet Monkey Gets a Visit from the Tooth Fairy:


  1. Althouuuggghh…Someone tell me if I need to call ASPCA or not…I can’t really tell?
    Like I kinda like this dude…AND I watched “Tiger King”; sorry guy, you seem cool.

  2. im just curious, no hate at all but can monkeys, specifically like chimps/smaller breeds of monkeys be violent? ive read articles and im not sure if the books just over exaggerate or? im sure its how you raise them but i really want a pet monkey im just i guess paranoid that mine might be aggressive? any tips?

  3. This was a good video and I don’t think most people could handle having a monkey as a pet. My main concern would be also they live a long life what happens to them when you are gone? Just a thought.❤❤

  4. This is cool, I guess I’m probably not going to be getting one anytime soon or even at all because I just don’t have the time. But this is a really awesome channel.

  5. Would i be able to have my monkey under strict control the way barbossa from pirates of the caribbean did? or are they way too independent for that? like can i call my monkey on my shoulder real cool like?

  6. Hi. Billy thank you for sharing your toughs on getting a Monkey an how to treat them .very amazing.Billy u are s good Dad to lillian.she LOVES her Family.just keep Loving her.thats your lil girl.stay Bless.

  7. You folks must love …… raising child like monkeys! ….. These little critters really become ….. the center of your lives! ….. It’s certainly not for folks, who can’t dedicate their lives …. to their monkey kids!

  8. I’m so glad you don’t remove their teeth. There is another channel here on YouTube where the monkey has all it’s teeth removed. It’s so sad.

  9. When I watch different people with monkeys they are all on a leash in the house. How come they are on leashes in the house and can’t roam free? Is it because they get into everything and can get hurt?

  10. Your babies go to church, n do they actually sit still during service. If they do,then they r really much better than children! Ur an awesome dad Mr. Billy, actually both of u guys are very awesome parents. Thanks for sharing your wonderful family with us!

  11. I really respect yall. Yall arent the typical monkey owners. Guess its a southern thing. Most will say dont get a monkey like they are better than everyone else and other people cant care for one like they can. they tell you not to get any while they are steady getting more. Typical hypocrits and they also try to hide where they got them like its a big secret i just cant stand hypocrits that tell you not to do somthing that they do x3. Yall are the typical southerners just all around good people. Hello from your neighbor from the east in south louisiana.

  12. You can tell he loves that monkey so much. I can see myself enjoying a pet monkey, like having a toddler forever. But clearly a huge commitment, however, this guy is inseparable from that monkey so he’s good for it, me, not so sure. Lol

  13. Awwwww.. ive never seen this one. Billy u brought tears to my eyes…the way u describe your love for Lillian just touched my heart. It shows on your face when u look at her or talk about her. I know y’all love her of course. But ive never really heard Billy say too much and this was just beautiful! Yall are all so blessed to have eachother! God Bless!

  14. There’s one thing you need to know about this monkey and about loving this monkey outside did you know there are birds of prey out there that will snatch that monkey right out of a tree and not think twice about it? And there’s nothing you can do just because you don’t see these birds a hawk Aurora Falcon something mainly Iraq eagle just because you don’t see them around with you live I don’t mean no sign they don’t fly by cuz they do. These monkeys are known to get attitudes I’ve known seven people so far that’s have the same monkeys after they reach a certain age they will start getting attitudes I know one lady that had hers 15 years and all she was doing was sitting feeding the monkey and it got pissed off for no reason at all Air Attack your face she ended up having over 220 stitches and the side of a cheek and gum damage so you need to really really really be careful and always be on your guard with this monkey cuz they can flip out at the drop of a dime

  15. It’s just when they reach sexually maturity that they can start biting and acting out, that’s usually when people start having problems with Capuchin monkeys then decide to get their canines removed. She so precious! Your doing great ❤️

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