What You Need When You Get A Rabbit

What You Need When You Get A Rabbit

In this video, I show everything you need when you get a rabbit! Bunnies surprisingly need quite a lot of things to make sure they live happy and healthy lives! I hope this video helps you prepare for your new bunny or even if you already have a rabbit! Check out the links below for more information!

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Rabbit Diet Info: http://bit.ly/1kUGBbV

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  1. Thank you so much! I’m getting a bunny next month and wanted to know how to be a responsible pet owner. This video was really helpful!

  2. Thank you, I’m scared my parents won’t always take my bunny or rabbit to the vet, but I have a cat, so for my bunny I’ll try!

  3. when she said pine isn’t good for rabbits I immediately erased the bedding I chose and started looking for a better one

  4. The liter you use I do not recommend… it is hard and can hurt the rabbits foot. I personally recommend a softer bedding or just shredded paper and sometimes shredded fleece works too! Also timothy hay is a lot better for rabbits because it has more fiber than orchard hay which helps them with digestion. Sometimes if you do not brush them well enough they can swallow a bit of fur so it is important to get the hay with high fiber. Also with the fleece, if you do not use fleece you need to get them something with friction so they can do their binkies and zoomies. Also I like that you do not give your bunnies pellets, pellets can give the bunnies fat that they d not need! 🙂 Also the baby toys are really cute!!! I hope this helps! (I am just trying to give constructive criticism I am really sorry if anything I said was offensive)

  5. Don’t listen to this she is the wrong and the water desk just give them the bottle the water dish if they chew on it they will get very sick and maybe have to have surgery and make sure to give your bunnies also salt licks

  6. Actually my rabbit was drinking out of a pet bottle and it was attached really good and not to much water can get our and the part can tip

  7. i don’t think rabbits need cages or health pack cuz my gramma didn’t have any of thoughs stuff and her rabbit was fine

  8. I’m a little worried that my rabbit is under weight because between her shoulder blades, her spine(?) Is really sharp and ridgid. Does anybody know if this is bad or normal?

  9. What are the pros and cons of adopting an 8 week old bunny vs. 6 months old? Also, how often do they need vet visits?

  10. Wait does anyone know how to get ur bunny to stop chewing or digging in carpet bc I am getting a bunny and I DO NOTT want my bunny chewing on the crapet

  11. PLEASE ANSWER! Whats the measurement of the litter box by cm? I searched it online "large" and it has so many measurement. And is it ok to use non covered litter box?

  12. i’m getting a bunny tomorrow, and for the least few days, i’ve been studying, and researching bunnies, so i can be the expert. i honestly hope im a good owner. this video really helped me! i can tell the person in it is very experienced on bunnies.

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