When to use which chunker scissors for dog grooming | Grooming Tips – TRANSGROOM

When to use which chunker scissors for dog grooming | Grooming Tips – TRANSGROOM

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Groomer consultant Kitty Ponnet goes over the different types of chunker shears in our Yento brand. She discusses when to use which chunkers for dog grooming. The type of chunkers or how many teeth it should have depends on what dog breed you will use it for. In our Yento brand we have chunker scissors in the commercial Prime Series, the Ergo Line Series for heavy-duty, and for finishing the Cobra and Fanatic Series.

0:00 Intro
0:22 What are chunkers for dog grooming?
1:48 How to use chunkers for dog grooming?
2:18 How many teeth should your chunker shears have?
3:08 Commercial chunkers – Yento Prime series
3:35 Chunkers for heavy-duty work – Yento Ergo Line series
3:43 Chunkers for finishing – Yento Cobra and Fanatic series

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    What brand is chunker?

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