Where to Adopt a Puppy/Dog

Where to Adopt a Puppy/Dog

This was filmed BEFORE my new lighting/HD setup. It’s not one of my best videos, but I really wanted to get the information out there.

Obviously, I am not a breeder or a veterinarian, just a dog-lover who has done a bit of research. If you have something helpful to add to this discussion, please do!!

I couldn’t find a video on puppy mills that I thought truly captured the horrors of that industry, but there are some out there. If you really want to see it for yourself, search the internet-they’re out there.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a Finnish lapphund I have looked on petfinder and adoptapet and puppyfinder puppy finder didn’t have the breed as a option I just can’t find one for sale! Does anyone know any other websites that dogs are sold on?

  2. If you don’t post things in the newspaper or online how are people going to know you are trying to sell puppies are they just going to randomly find out ?

  3. I just came across your video! I have a bichon frise and I wanna bring a brother or sister for her:) I live in Los Angeles. Do you know any organization or a place I can find breeders or where would be the best place to rescue. I’m willing to drive far.

  4. Do you have any websites that my family can find a puppy from…..I already tried craigslist and nothing we found one but the seller was VERY rude.

  5. u don’t need to have a fenced in yard and if u actually love the dog youll be able to find other ways and if u love your dog why does the breed matter u just need to like there energy and their personality traits

  6. How much do dogs cost? I want a certain breed. I do live in a small town so our animal shelter only has 5 dogs that you can adopt and they are mostly Labrador Retriever. I want a small dog not a large one. Most dogs I see are like $3,000 and I don’t have that much money. Also can I trust Facebook to buy a dog?

  7. i tried everywhere but i can’t find anything and they sometimes say its 5.00???????? wow that is just impossible i mean right?

  8. I dont understand people who criticize where you buy puppies from as long as the animal is safe healthy and is going to a good home i dont see the problem. 🙂

  9. My cities shelters only has 1 or 2 maybe 3 but they are low budgeted so I don’t want one from them the closest one near me is 4 hours away

  10. Side note to viewers: Please neuter /spay your dogs. So many strays desperately need a home. If you want another dog, go to your local shelter and save a life by adopting!!!!!!!! Ask your local shelter if you have any questions

  11. Ahhhh I didn’t click on this video too make sure what breed of dog I want, I just wanted to know a place to actually know an adoption place

  12. Thank you for saying that! It matters that you gave an animal a good home, not what breed they are, or where you go them from…

  13. Ive been trying to buy a pekingese dog and a yorkshire terror for over a year but i can’t find a place to buy them would you know anything or point to the right direction i would appreciate it a lot thank you so much

  14. How does one go about establishing a good standing with a shelter/rescue? We used to have a dog, whom we didn’t always take the best care of, and she ended up being put down because she allegedly bit a kid’s hand when she escaped her fenced yard. We now just have a cat who has been spayed, but hasn’t been to the vet since.
    We have a good house and yard (with gates that are always closed and locked), and one of us is almost always home. Do you think that we might have a chance at succeeding with a rescue, which seems to have stricter policies and rules than shelters have?

  15. Hello, my family and I have been looking everywhere for a Maltese breed we all think that it is the perfect pet for us just because it is perfect for our house and the amount of playing and shedding. anyway, I’m just saying we have been looking everywhere and we do NOT want a mixed breed. By chance do u know anywhere I could look for?

  16. If you want a specific breed of dog, go to the national breed organization in your country, such as AKC, and use their search engine to ensure you are getting proper papers and high quality pedigree, and most will come with all of the primary vet procedures, socializing, and sometimes house training taken care of. You will spend a heck of a lot more trying to retrain a poorly trained, abused, or neglected dog, much less take care of it’s medical expenses. If you want a dog which doesn’t cost a lot initially but might end up costing a fortune later on, go to a shelter. Dogs at shelters and rescues typically although not always come from irresponsible owners who did not take care of them or have health issues that the owners could not afford to treat. You will almost never find a full breed dog at a shelter because almost every breeder in the US will take a dog back if the new owner can not take care of it. Never buy a dog from a pet store unless they explicitly say they only transfer shelter dogs, and even then you should be wary. If you really care about breed, go to a breeder and fork out the fat sum up front to save money later. If you care more about simply having a healthy pupper, try a "backyard breeder" in the area with a fresh litter so you can raise them properly, but be aware they cannot claim a dog is a certain breed unless it comes with documentation. (You can find them on craigslist, or Nestdoor.) Many breeds look incredibly similar, and a working dog is completely different from a house pet Also you don’t want a Great Pyrenees when you think you’re getting a Retriever, so do some research on breeds and weigh the risks and rewards. Lastly, unless you are using a certified breeder or shelter, you should ALWAYS ask to see the living conditions of litter. If you don’t get a response, be assured you should look somewhere else and if they are pushy, don’t be afraid to REPORT.

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