Which is the World's BEST Puppy food of 2020. II Dry Puppy food review ll Monkoodog

Which is the World's BEST Puppy food of 2020. II Dry Puppy food review ll Monkoodog

There’s a lot of puppy food brands available in the market for all breed types of breed. But in order to know which dry puppy food is best for your puppy, you need to understand the basic terms of Ingredients used in the Ingredient label.
The AAFCO has their own guidelines which need to be followed by every brand in order to get certified by the AAFCO.

Considering the AFFCO guidelines and a few practical Tests, we’ve reviewed some Top 7 Puppy food brands of the world for you.

We’re reviewing Acana, Farmina N&D, Taste of the wild, Hill’s Science Diet, Pedigree, Royal Canin, and Orijen. Let’s see who will become the Winner.
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  1. i wonder why some of them floated in the vinegar when they sank in the water….i guess bc of its different properties

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  3. is hills puppy food good ? my vet recommenced it but theres lots of people that say its bad and some say its good

  4. I am not a dog owner yet , can somebody tell me about how much quantity one should serve to an adult Amstaff in a day ??

  5. Hey, That was a great video. I was searching for a good kibble for my 9 month shih tzu.After consulting her vet, I started using farmina ancestral grain. This video just confirmed that my choice was right 🙂 Thanks

  6. I started my 11 year old German Shepherd Dog on Acana Duck after Taste of the Wild caused a yeast infection. She is doing so much better! So much so that my husband remarked how much more energy she has. They walked 5.2 miles this morning. Her poop is good. Plus it is cheaper to feed than most dog foods. A 12 lb bag will last 4 weeks.

  7. I was feeding my 3 month gsd puppy royal canin. I think I’ll have to change him to farmina.
    Thank you for such an eye opening video about dog food brands

  8. Actually, Farmina N&D has salt in it, but it is written as sodium chloride. Nevertheless, I still think it’s the best food of all of the above.

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