Wholesale Pet Supplies Suction Cup Dog Toys

Wholesale Pet Supplies Suction Cup Dog Toys

Suction Cup Dog Toys, our toy has a vacuum suction cup, wire rope, and chew ball, three parts make up our toy package. We can attach it to any surface indoors or outdoors. Having your dog pull it is the key to training them, joining in the interaction, and entertaining them. Dogs of all sizes can use it, and big dogs and aggressive chewers can enjoy it without any worries.

During the chewing process, the vacuum sucker will stick hard to the ground, giving the dog the desire to win and attract their attention during play. So far, with all the products we have tested, no doggie can easily pull away from the suction cups.

We have covered the Suction Cup Dog Toys with bristles, while the new dental cleaning channels and crevices clean the dog’s mouth as it plays. With cotton rope and a sound-making device on the chew ball, we provide different chewing experiences for dogs. While playing, we will hear the squeaking sound to hold the attention of dogs and feel happy.

Super high-quality vacuum suction cups, easy and fast air out of the suction cups, stable and good, dogs can not pull it away, interactive games can be fun so that dogs can not stop, hunting is its true ability.

We have wire rope in the toy package, dogs can not destroy this tug of war rope, or even break it, this toy can be used for a long time. The chew ball is made of high-quality thermoplastic rubber (TPR), which is elastic and flexible, bite resistant, anti-abrasive, easy to chew, and chew well.

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