1. How about not having cheetahs in the zoos, if they develop mental illnesses because of the captivity? Is this humanity?

  2. How many instances of cheetah-dog friendships does there need to be before it’s not "Surprising" anymore?

  3. So basically

    Cheetahs are going extinct because they are really nervous and too anxious to breed.
    So the dogs are there to give them confidence to breed.

  4. I wish people were raised like brothers and sisters so they accept everyone equally even if they are completely different.

  5. Someone really needs to make a meme out of that “visitors gather to see one of americas most popular animals; the Labrador retriever” part.

  6. Cheetah and dog are not an unlikely pair. They are the most likely pair in that Cheetahs are more like dogs in their temperament

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