Why Dogs Get The Zoomies

Why Dogs Get The Zoomies

We’ve all seen (and probably laughed at) our dogs run sporadically around the house and yard. These energy bursts are called Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPS) and are set off by multiple different triggers.


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Why Dogs Get The Zoomies


  1. Hoping someone sees this.

    This happened to my dog twice and the only way to calm him down is to splash him with water and after that he calms down and starts taking a poop. I’m kinda scared what might happen to my dog so I want information fast

  2. My chocolate pitbull got them the other night when i was getting her and her sister some icecream…i have hardwood floors so they have zero traction when this happens and she slid across the floor at full speed and tried jumping and went through the screen door lol…now they have a doggy door..im just gonna leave it because they can go on the porch whenever they like now and it still stops the bugs

  3. My GSD will 9 times out of 10 break out in a zoomie everytime she sees me. She always wants to play and gets close to me as much as possible. I’m hoping she ll calm down since she’s 2 now but her energy drive is endless.

  4. My older dogs don’t get zoomies a lot but the pups can just explode out of no where even after going to the dog park

  5. my dog gets the zoomies after every bath. at first i was worried because i thought the warm water i used was too ‘cold’.

  6. My pitbull misty gets them at night when im asleep…i sleep like a rock and when she wants to play she goes and grabs her 2lbs rope toy and drops it on my face…also does it when she needs to go out…my other female rednose will just pant in my face till i wake up and drool on it…idk which is worse

  7. I get my dog doing this by pounding the bed/couch in an excited manner. She just runs around crazily scratches the carpet then keeps running around so cute looks like a rabbit.

  8. Zoomies huh? I called it bat crap crazy! After a bath, mind you my dog likes baths and after a poo… away she goes! It appears her back end is going to take the place of her front end she runs so fast. And the looks I get when she halts for a brief 2-3 seconds! Can’t even describe the looks! God bless our pets!

  9. My dog just ran back on forth for 5 minutes at full speed while barking and growling at me. It is the funniest thing to watch. She also gets the zoomies every time anyone comes into the house, even if it is just a short trip to the grocery store.

  10. My Beagle gets the zoomies right after bath time, every time. She never likes to get in the bath, but she never puts up a struggle either. But as soon as she is done, its off to the races. We just let her go. Always just figured she didn’t like the bath and was boring off some stress. Good to know that is actually the case.

  11. I know "dog experts" mean well but I think it’s a natural way for them to release pent up energy, as long as they aren’t biting and destroying anything, who cares if they run around like lunatics for 30 minutes

  12. If i shuffle my feet outside it more often than not triggers my chihuahua into doing zoomies around me an once shes done zooming around she’ll come over to me an put her paws up on my knees an than go have more zoomies until shes got it out of her system LOL

  13. This is a nightly ritual our girl does before bed, after a poop, getting a treat that she throws up in the air several times. She is 7 years old. Try not to chase your animal when they are excited in this way.

  14. Is it bad when you google "zoomies", not because you have a dog, but because you yourself get the zoomies if not exercised properly..? What is the human equivalent of zoomies?

    It’s not hyperactivity disorder, because it lasts like an hour or so, until i have exercised for 45 minutes to an hour full on with high pulse… – And then I get a sort of natural high afterwards…

    It’s almost always joyful, but really random for ppl to witness…

    Human zoomies anybody?

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