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  1. They are so beautiful and well-behaved. This is a great channel. Just found it today.

  2. Maybe you should let your dog choose instead of forcing your eating disorder on them! 100% they will take a form of meat over this silly stuff ..

  3. Don’t change the damn nature you jerk. I’ve always fed my dogs raw MEAT and they lived long and HEALTHY lives!

  4. I love how this guy just hearts the good comments about his video. If there are so many bad comments it’s not for no reason, stop thinking you’re in the right and grow up. Vegan diet is not meant for dogs, just look at their teeths

  5. I gave my dog a strict vegan diet. It lived to the old age of 3. It lived half of its life blind and deaf.

  6. Dogs don’t need meat, they just need protein, you can feed your dog 100% plants and make sure they’re high in protein and your dog will actually be better off, this has already been proven as well, dogs are omnivores, and omnivores usually can go meat only, or plant only, if you plan on going offgrid and don’t want to harvest a lot of meat for your dog then just grow high protein plants, the best one is edamame, 1 cup of edamame has 17 grams of protein, very very very high in protein

  7. You need to be thrown under the jail for animal cruelty, and then you need to have all your animals stripped from you, and finaly you should be banned from owning pets for the rest of your pathetic existence of a life

  8. Dogs should not be Vegan, they are carnivores! If you feed them a few veggies that’s fine but dogs are natural meat eaters.

  9. glad vegans are killing themselves with their diet and sterilization so they can’t reproduce anymore autisim more meat for us who are not brainwashed slaves that eat a slave diet, grains are for slaves

  10. If you want a fucking vegan animal then get a fucking rabbit yall fucking vegans need to stop feeding carnivours fucking vegetables ight fucking starving the animals and then force them to eat vegetables and then call the animal a fucking vegan when it’s made as a fucking carnivore to eat fucking MEAT

  11. I would like to say that up until recently, the longest living dog until 1991 (from 1975) was fed a vegan diet. Claiming its cruel to dogs to not feed them meat is an opinion as science says it’s easily done and possible for simular reasons humans can too. It is also hypocrital to feed them abused animals and say that isn’t cruel. It’s double standards that everyone goes by and its morrally wrong.
    People are aruging that its a natural diet for dogs to eat only meat and thats because they were once wolves. Thats like saying we were once monkeys so we must only eat fruit like them. They have changed and are fully capable of eating vegetables, this is likely due to over thousands and thousands of years of breeding, farmers decided to mix their meats with vegetables and the dogs degestion slowly adapted to a point where they can now fully eat vegan healthy.
    just becuse an animal has canines doesn’t assosiate it as a carnivore/Omnivore. Goriillas and hippos have them and they are herbivores/frugivores. This just shows that the canine arguments is very outdated and silly to bring up. there is no sceince to say canines are for eating meat. They do benifit it, but its not their purpose otherwise many other animals shouldn’t have them. I mean a hippo has the biggest canine’s in the world.
    Do some reasearch before you call someone out for animal abuse, because feeding your animals animals is hypocrital of that argument. thats like saying killing people is bad, but paying someone else to do it.

  12. Thing is an all raw meat diet is bad, but an all vegan diet is even worse for your dog. Stop trying to turn your dogs into herbivores

  13. This is false. Dogs are carnivores, not omnivores. Dogs ARE very adaptable, but just because they can survive on an omnivorous diet does not mean it is the best diet for them. The assumption that dogs are natural omnivores remains to be proven, whereas the truth about dogs being natural carnivores is very well-supported by the evidence available to us.

  14. Look if you want to be vegan, go ahead, good for you. But dogs and cats NEED MEAT TO BE HEALTHY!!!! DO NOT FORCE YOUR DIET ON AN ANIMAL WHO HAS LITERALLY EVOLVED TO NEED TO EAT MEAT TO SURVIVE!!!!!!

  15. Vegans that are not willing to feed there carnivore pets meat, shouldn’t have them in the first place. Not feeding them properly is equal to animal abuse.

  16. You really shouldn’t feed your dogs like this. This should count as animal abuse. If you want to force your personal beliefs upon your dogs then you shouldn’t have dogs. Dogs can survive on a vegan diet, but cannot thrive on a vegan diet. Dont feed your dog processed food at all, feed them raw and fresh foods and you definitely should not be feeding your dog pasta. This guy is a fucking idiot and I’ve come to this conclusion after watching like 2 mins of this video.

  17. Dogs need meat it’s not like there teeth is ment for cutting and chewing through also dogs eating meat is not cruel to the animal your feeding to the dog because the animals are killed and then transferred into food but atleast the animals domt have to watch themselves be eaten alive gorn apart and bleed to death while being attacked by a lion or some other carnivore so feed your dogs some meat atleast

  18. Look at a dogs skull and teeth, that says it all there, they’re meant to eat meat, you wouldn’t see a wolf hunting a carrot or a vegetable patch would you, if you’re a dog owner and you give your dog a vegan diet, you shouldn’t own a dog

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