Why is cotton in everything? – Michael R. Stiff

Why is cotton in everything? – Michael R. Stiff

Dig into the science of how cotton transforms from seed to fiber, and how these cotton fibers are used to make everything from fabrics, to currency, and fishing nets.

Centuries ago, the Inca developed ingenuous suits of armor that could protect warriors from even the fiercest physical attacks. These hardy structures were made not from iron or steel, but rather something unexpectedly soft: cotton. Today cotton is used to make everything from fabric, to currency, diapers and fishing nets. Michael R. Stiff explores the science of what makes cotton so versatile.

Lesson by Michael R. Stiff, directed by WOW-HOW Studio.

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  1. I wonder what array of hemp tech we can apply to cotton and vis versa… the times always allow for new forms of study and advances in tech.

  2. Hemp: I am a joke to you?

    Industrial hemp is far better than cotton and any other plant.
    -uses half the water
    -less land
    -no to very little pesticides
    -grows in three months
    -restores the soil
    -absorbs a lot of CO2
    In summary, hemp is more sustainable to produce clothes, textiles… than any other plant .

  3. This is a great explanation of the importance of cotton and contributes to the conversation around sustainable production and consumption. The synthetics we use do not totally biodegrade and sadly as they decompose they reach a point where micro plastics are left. We need to try and return to natural biodegradable fabrics and learn to re-purpose more efficiently.

  4. I do not see how there can be a conversation about “why is cotton in everything” without a discussion of the history of slavery in the United States.

  5. It’s also sad that the mere production of cotton (and other aggro produce) largely contributes to the water crisis we are having.

    So yeah, recycle ur clothes <3

  6. I thought the video would include some of the downsides too. Like the problem with herbicides and pesticides. Better cotton at the price of our ecosystem. Yeay!

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