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  1. I got my turtle of my moms friend he said it keep digging holes in the backyard so he said to my mom do you want this turtle and she said yes because I was wanting a turtle so that’s how I got my turtle and the thing is weird because it is so tame I can hand feed it or handle it without it hissing at me

  2. Their sizes don’t matter don’t matter at all to us because they’re just the way they are and that’s how they live and that’s are they cute people you changed you got bigger not the same size

  3. I have a question for you can you make a video about what type of water turtles should use because today is may 26 2019 and my dad bought me a baby red eared turtle and I’m scared if I add a different type of water

  4. I have two pet turtles I did do my research before I got them and I am so glad I watched this video.this video will help me take better care of them. ( they are sliders)

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  6. My little sister wants a turtle but she has never really had a pet before so I am doing research to kinda talk her out of it because she is only 5. I want to find her a easier pet. We have a dog and a rabbit, but the dog is my mom’s and the rabbit is mine any recommendations?

  7. No, the expenses are even higher. I would report those that sell turtles so cheap. Means they are fakes first off. Second i would only buy turtles from certified breeders that also have a pass nothing else. Better safe than sorry.

    Also it estimates around 800-1000 Dollars in total if you want the best of the best for the turtle. This is what i would spend and wouldn´t go lower than that.

  8. i REALLY WANT ONE i used to have one for 6 years that i got at a flea market at mexico.
    but then 6 years later my sister got one from pets mart that was sick ( we did not now he was sick) and killed my other turtle

  9. I love my turtles and I don’t they make terrible pets, it’s people who are terrible. When you decide to get a pet of every kind please do your research.

  10. I googled what to feed a box turtle and it said fruit so I’ve been feeding mine orange peels and apples

  11. You’re really dope and this video is informative! I was gonna buy a turtle in Chinatown. Thanks for informing me.

  12. THATS A LIEEEE!!!! 2:19 my Red slider and BELLY TURTLE ARE THE SAME SIZE SINCE THEY WERE BABIES!!!!!! plz just say what happened or happens to ur turtles because not everyone’s turtle is the same

  13. I have a pet turtle in I enjoy it I don’t know why they’re terrible pets I seen this video millions of times so I like turtles there’s no reason why they’re terrible pets so they’re cute and I want the wearable they’re adorable

  14. Before I got my pet turtle I.researched for like.a full week about there dieseas and food and the tank setup the pros.and.con’s and when I got them I took care of them really well and now.its huge.and it.is in a good.condition all.I.say is.reaserch before u get a pet and they will live a happy life.and so will.u

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