Will We All Be Wearing These COVID Super-Suits in the Future? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Will We All Be Wearing These COVID Super-Suits in the Future? | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Do you miss seeing people and going places? Ronny Chieng may have found the perfect solution: a super-suit that you can vape, drink and have sex in. #DailyShow #RonnyChieng

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  1. Not until 2021? It’s been 10 months of this and the only person I knew that had corona was just lazy n wanted time off common with this

  2. I would wear it, if it were tested and it actually worked. Minus the stupid vaping idea, now that is the dumb part. Also they need to fix the fogging problem.

  3. Unfortunately, Like yourself. Ideas and ideologies from the Left and Democrats are literally unsustainable for our society it will never ever work to keep our country the way it has been and what we have stood for throughout history. Our Declaration of Independence the Constitution what we have fought for in the past to be able to have the rights and freedoms that we have today in the society for everyone no matter left or right to express their own ideas and ideologies no matter right or wrong and who determines/declares those ideologies right or wrong. They are still open for discussion. But to keep the freedoms of our nation and our ability to continue to be the best Nation that we have been up to this point and enjoy the freedoms we all cherish. We need to keep those types of ideologies that will negatively affect our nation from moving forward and continuing to be the greatest country that there has ever been. Bottom line yes. We have our freedoms. We have our constitution. We have our Declaration of independence. Those are the things that our country was founded upon. And in short. If this is a country that you no longer want to be a part of with those instruments in place in order for the United States of America to continue to be the greatest country in this world. Then yes, you do have the ability to say no, this is not something I want to be a part of. You have the right to say these are not the beliefs I have. And if this is not something that you can live with. Then that is also your right as an American to freely leave this country. You have the right to go to another country which will welcome you and that are founded on your types of beliefs and ideologies that will welcome your beliefs and ideologies and they will welcome you with open arms. You will feel at home if these are truly the beliefs and ideologies that you personally feel would better represent the way you would like the society that you live in to function. So please, enact you’re right to be free and to go where you want to go where to a country that will welcome you and your ideologies. Just please. Do not continue to live in a society that was founded on our constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration Of Independence which gives all of us the right to fight against tyranny against those that opposed our beliefs in which the United States were founded upon. (KEY WORDS BEING, IN WHICH WE WERE FOUNDED UPON) Obviously, if you DO NOT have the beliefs then it also gives you the right as stated to leave this country.

    Being an American citizen means exactly that. There is a reason why you are an American citizen. Citizenship means in believing in what your country stands for and you will uphold those beliefs that you had sworn to uphold as a citizen. When people are citizens of this great country you take on an oath. Which means exactly that. Just as all politicians. You as citizens take on an oath to defend our country’s Constitution and Bill of Rights and to adhere to them. And yes, you are allowed by all rights to disagree. But you cannot be so far to the left in which your beliefs and ideologies change or go against our constitution to become something America does not stand for which is Socialism, Communism or Marxism just to fulfill your own ideologies, beliefs or agenda. Again, there are countries that will welcome you with open arms. We encourage you to be as happy and free as you like in whatever type of society you choose. Obviously, you are here now enjoying the freedoms that our country has afforded to you. Remember. You came to the United States of America for a reason. Looks like you have done pretty well for yourself since coming here. Why? Because we allowed you to enjoy the freedoms you have had up to this point to get you to where you are now. You have it better than the majority of Americans and your viewers currently do. So, stop bashing our current leaders and administration as they too have allowed you to flourish in the greatest economy in the history of America for over the past 3 years. Never once have you ever pointed that out to your viewers or anyone to that matter. But then. Why would you? You are simply part of the problem and its time for you to leave because America is such a horrible place to live according to your ideologies and belief system.

  4. This is actually brilliant. Obviously, they need to solve the fogging issue (by fixing their venting system), and get proper testing (the gov should actually be speeding this process up by allocating more resources to this for more products to enter the market). In theory, this should allow for full functionality without transmission of the virus. Just staying home is not realistic even if you just count essential activities, so it will continue to spread. Basic masks are great for droplets, but not airborne via aerosol spread, especially inside, so they have their limitations. The reality is that more and more people are interacting with one another, so we should encourage and support innovation that decreases the spread of the virus in such situations. Especially if they allow the person to be more comfortable and not have to take it off to drink for example. Ideally, it’s actually what would get transmission down enough to introduce further activities, so that fewer livelihoods are ruined. What the expert is proposing is not in alignment with reality. It would require staying home for 1.5-2 years if everything goes well. The filter issue easy to solve, so it’s odd to even bring up.

  5. You gotta give at least some props to that guy. He designed that thing and built it well enough that it looks manufactured. Ridiculous, stupid and useless, but well made. Like Coachella. The guy really knows his market.

  6. Trump said he understands covid19 now. I have got it, now I see the whole picture. I have experience it personally, he said.
    What an absolute idiot this president trump is.

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  8. Even though the first scientist was probably right, I can see some version of this product easily getting to markets during the virus… Hell, most of us only wear face masks now… So who knows.

  9. Lol, worry about covid enough to wear a ‘head condom’ just to infect yourself with covid by having sex in the head condom. Ok

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