Winter Dog Clothing Haul ♡ Honey

Winter Dog Clothing Haul ♡ Honey

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  1. I have a min pin chiwawa mix we take her everywhere and we spoil her she’s also an ESA so we take her everywhere we go
    My dog is a red head just like urs aw

  2. ok I dont dress my dog up for fashion, but I need some tips. I have a rain and winter jacket for my chi girl and I have also tried several of those "shoes" for her little fragile paws, but she just tears them of or they fall off. Ive been looking for a suit that covers her body and also her feet, but I can’t find a petstore that sells it .. so my q is what do I do? I don’t want my baby to get frostbitten, but she needs her exercise:(

  3. I crochet the Sweaters for my dog because i dont think that my dog (just my dog it doesnt mean that other dogs are the same) feels well in jumpers and stuff like that and i she just needs Pullovers for winter

  4. She has to loose weight?? YOU have to feed LESS ! Please don*t overfeed your dog, it will make their health horrible and will also shorten their life !!! Chihuahuas are not big dogs, the amount of food they should have is very small ! 1,5 egg glass of kibble morning and night is enough + a couple of treats a day !

  5. YOU,R DOG IS ADORABLE I LIKE TO GO TO YOUR HOUSE AND PLAY WITH YOUR CHOUWAWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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