WIRELESS MOTION SENSOR WITH CAMERA Installation | evohome security | Honeywell Home

WIRELESS MOTION SENSOR WITH CAMERA Installation | evohome security | Honeywell Home

This video is intended to help you with the installation of your evohome WIRELESS MOTION SENSOR WITH CAMERA following the installation procedure as described in the online “Installation Guide”.

With no wires, evohome security is easy to install. The modular system is designed to suit your home and can be easily adapted as your needs change. With a wide range of accessories to choose from, you can relax knowing that your home security is under control.

The security hub can work with up to 32 different items. This allows complex systems to be built using pet-friendly motion sensors, glass break sensors and indoor and outdoor alarms. These systems can then be controlled using the key fobs and wireless remote control key fob or by using the TCC smart phone or tablet app. You can also control your heating as well!

evohome security system is an alarm system that can be accessed and controlled locally or remotely. A contactless tag reader (SPR-S8EZS), wireless remote control key fob (TCC800MS) or wireless panic button (TCPA1BS) are used for the local operation. A free iOS or Android app is available for the remote control security operation as well as capturing and playing back photo images (only for optional wireless motion sensor with camera accessory (CAMIR-8EZS)

From an intruder alert to a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm, to an open window, evohome security notifies you by text or email alerts to your phone. And with the Total Connect Comfort app, you know exactly what’s happening at home. Whether you’re a few miles away, or on the other side of the world, it’s got safety and security covered.

Arm the system when you leave, and if you have evohome smart zoning or single zone heating, it will turn off automatically, helping to save on energy bills. You can also partially arm the system from the comfort of your bed, or let a relative into your home while you’re at work. And if you get a system alert while you’re away, there’s no need to rush home. A camera can send you a snapshot from inside your home, letting you decide how to respond.

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