Woman Rescues A Grasshopper And Gives Her The Best Life Ever | The Dodo Soulmates

Woman Rescues A Grasshopper And Gives Her The Best Life Ever | The Dodo Soulmates

Woman Rescues A Grasshopper And Gives Her The Best Life Ever | “There’s always someone whose whole world you can change 💗 via Soulmates

This woman formed the sweetest bond with the grasshopper she rescued 💚”

Special thanks to Chelsea for sharing this amazing story with us: http://thedo.do/duncina.

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.
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  1. Lol just ask yourselves if you’d want to date the girl with the pet insect she lets crawl and spit all over her face. You want that much weird in your life?

  2. My daughter wanted a pet mouse but the pet store employee talked her into getting a ASF (African soft fur) rat. They’re the size of a large mouse but are used for snake food. We ended up taking the two she brought out since I didn’t want the one we didn’t take to be eaten. The little guys (Pinky and the Brain) are 2 years old. They sit on her shoulder while she practices piano and snuggle in her hoodie pocket. If you live in a small space and want a pet, I definitely recommend these guys.

  3. Meanwhile me hyping my dog up for rolling over a grasshopper she found

    I have come back after finishing the video, that was adorable

  4. This story COMPELS us to think about what life is, what its about…I truly believe that God gives us these living parables. They are all opportunities for those of us that will take the time to really listen and think about them.

  5. I looked at the thumbnail and went like "eww", 3 mins in, I have tears in my eyes! Every sentient being deserve to live and be happy <3

  6. OMG my grasshoper was just like the same! She was soooo sweet and she just died a couple days ago i cant stop crying i serioulsy miss soo so so so much

  7. I saved a wasp and it’s hind legs were just pointing up ;-; this wasp was a yellow jacket. I didn’t get sting but…. yeah.

  8. Crazy woman. But i think only white dudes have the feel, guts, courage etc for such crazy stuff. The other day i saw another girl making friendship with an octopus… now can you imagine and then one lady removing hooks from sharks mouth etc etc…Well..its good in a way. Keep it up.

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