Woman says she was kicked off Air Canada flight over service dog complaint

Woman says she was kicked off Air Canada flight over service dog complaint

Marilyn Borchiver, a Toronto woman living with fibromyalgia, says she was kicked off an Air Canada flight for having a service dog. But as Jamie Mauracher explains, the airline has a much different story.

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  1. Your emotional support dog even with a doctor’s note, does not have any rights to be in a business, or on a plane.

  2. Looks like a cheap way to get your pet to your vacation home where she was going… PS her husband is/was a News producer for CTV, surprised they haven’t picked up the story yet 😉

  3. Violation of her Human Rights. What a joke.
    How hypocritical of her. Calling out someone else illness to make her problem take precedent. It’s not a Service Animal. It’s a plain ol’doggo.

    Ridiculous priviledge which she sees as a right.

  4. She was almost arrested because of someone elses allergies? What’s next drug dealers tell officers their Shepherds are not allowed to sniff the luggage?

  5. "Woman says she was kicked off Air Canada flight over service dog complaint". So a "service dog" and an "emotional support animal" are the same thing? Based on the information I found, they do not appear to be. Global News need to clarify this in their reporting.

    As we continue down the path of catering to the "needs" of the most dysfunctional members of society, you can expect that the "privileged" will pay an ever increasing cost. I expect one day, to pay a surtax on my food purchases, in order to pay the salaries of government workers, employed to wipe the backsides of the morbidly obese, who are unable to perform the task for themselves. It’s the compassionate thing to do.

  6. Every dog adds emotional support and better well-being to their owner. Give her a blue ribbon, but that beautiful dog is not entitled to a plane ride.

  7. I hope she gets a lifetime free pass from that stinken airline & the flight attendants need to be suspended for a few days & then back to training school. Move the complainers somewhere else on the plane (or people who "say" they are allergic to her dog).

  8. Emotional support is not a task. ESA are not service animals under the ADA. As a news channel, I am highly disappointed that you are spreading false information. This is why we actual service dog handlers have access issues. Please delete this video or change the title.

  9. Got kicked off a flight because my beautiful Maltese is an emotional support dog. They screwed up and then treated us like criminals.

  10. First off emotional support animals are not service animals. They are very different! And second. I have flown air canada and they welcomed my service dog and I with open arms because my dog is highly trained. Although she shouldn’t have been kicked off the plain because emotional support Animals are allowed on flights with a doctors prescribed letter.

  11. Do you know how easy it is to get a doctor to say that your dog is a service dog it’s ridiculous the doctor doesn’t even have to see the dog

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