Work-Animal Shelter VLog part 1

Work-Animal Shelter VLog part 1

Hey y’all! I decided to take you guys with me to work and show you what I do on an everyday basis

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  1. i volunteer at a shelter and started at 13 (they let me bc i look 16-17 years old so the lady said she doesnt mind,, plus i go there all the time anyways,, so the woman said y not volunteer) but anyways……i really enjoy it and am working on going to school for my dream career of working w/ animals and owning a no kill rescue. i really enjoy it esp bc pitbulls are my fave and shelters r full of em but i also adopted my first dog from there (pittie ofc) so i have a connection to that shelter but girl…ik this is gonna sound stupid but i never thought to wear my boots to "work". i used to wear my old jogging shoes but my puppy ate em up so i wore my rainboots sometimes but i honestly found them uncomfortable esp at the knee area so i might have to go get me another pair of combat/work boots cuz i have some combats now but im not wearing those cuz they too nice lol

  2. I work as CNA but i want to work with animals because i feel a level of comfort from them esp since my dog is all the way in kenya

  3. it’s nice to see someone show how it really is. I have worked in animal shelters for 6+ years and it’s great work but it’s hard, exhausting, you don’t get paid enough, animals come in broken and abused, and sometimes it’s really fucking sad.
    You seem like you love your work and have the animals in mind when you work which is always nice.

  4. All the places around me aren’t hiring and the ones that are, are 2 hours away. I just learned how to drive I cannot drive 2 hours everyday but I love animals 🙁

  5. Hi! So I’m wondering if normal cat shelters take students 15+ part time. Also you are very responsible most people who work at these types of shelters I know couldn’t do as much as you.

  6. I have an interview tomorrow at a local shelter so I’m watching this just to kinda see what it’s like 🙂 I worked at a vet clinic before so I already know a lot about it still nervous though!

  7. have you watched Cowspiracy, Seaspiracy, What the Health, Vegucated, Lucent, Dominion, and dairy is scary? if not you should watch to get informed.

  8. So I took my dog to human society and I don’t know if he’s sad or scared, and I don’t want him to feel abandoned we just couldn’t take care of him

  9. Girl you reminded me of the hospital life for a sec. I know your talking about animals but the beginning sentences brought me flash backs. Only I can understand dont mind me.

    I just wanted to tell you your job is awesome and that I appreciate what you do.

  10. I think I noticed it said Sacramento ! I start at the Napa county animal shelter as an animal attendant and your video just got me even more excited ! Much love

  11. I have a question is it safe to help a kitten out if they have gunky eyes cuz my cat just had her kittens and one of them has gunky eyes

  12. Please show us how you take care of dogs and when their feisty. I would really like to know this.

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