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Each human being has his/her own insecurities. This may be some parts of our body that we wish that they could be better and much more presentable. In the case of men, penis size is a big issue especially if you find yourself in a locker full of men whose penises are overwhelming.  If you are someone of below average (about 4 inches at its flaccid state), the best solution is to find a penis enlargement product. Luckily, X4 labs has created X4 extender instructions that answers men’s prayers.Penis size is determined by measuring it from the man’s scrotum to the tip of his penis. Usually an average American can have a size 4 (in inches) in its flaccid state. Though some men are already on the average, they still want it to be above average to have a better image on bed and on women. For this reason, the X4 labs have come up with penis enlargement products that are sure to make women wow.Following the X4 extender instructions carefully, should always be considered. The X4 labs follows the idea of traction. Traction is when pressured is applies on cells, they regenerate. This regeneration brings forth new cells that eventually develop in new tissues in time. This is the reason why the penis becomes larger and thicker. The amount of blood flowing in the penis increases and so is the sensation. According to the X4 extender instructions, the unit can be worn at anytime, at anywhere. Men can do their normal lifestyles without even knowing that the X4 labs is working right between their legs. The comfortable pads acts like a protection to your penis; thus, giving your penis comfort and a protective hug. No one will ever know the secret that you are hiding.Men who are planning to add a few inches to their penises have already found answers with the X4 labs. Amazing solutions are already visible and obvious based on the X4 extender instructions. Men should not worry of any side effects this product might bring because for one, it works naturally on your penis. There aren’t any synthetic materials in your body unlike pills or gels for penis enlargement. It is 100% safe, effective and very user-friendly. Studies show that men who have been using this product have not only improved their sizes but their sexual performances as well. The benefits of using this product does not only limit for penis enlargement. Men get harder erection and has a fewer tendency to have pre-ejaculation. Sexual performance is greatly affected by using the X4 extender instructions carefully.Penis size insecurities are solved with the use of the X4 labs. Men need not to feel small anymore with other men. This product is sure to bring confidence and a better self-esteem to men. 

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