1. it’s kinda bit misleading for newbie if they think this is will be a pure action game, a turn based rpg which kinda solid but to be honest turn bsed rpg is not for everyone..

  2. Wonder who the hell will voice Majima, Kiryu and Saejima in that case. I’m still just in shock a Yakuza game actually gets an English dub again. Judgement was in that acceptable grey area.

  3. People watching Yakuza Like A Dragon Trailer: Huh, their is a voice dub. Cool.

    Me watching the Yakuza Like A Dragon Trailer: BRO WHAT DO KIRYU AND MAJIMA SOUND LIKE?!

  4. Everyone else i wonder if mark hamill will voice majima while i am wondering where this music will be in the game

  5. How many times have you watched the trailer now – I’m on my third. I love how they put the trailer together, the voice over, the funny quips, the music is great. This game is going to be amazing. I just don’t get why they want to go up against Cyberpunk 2077.

  6. A Demo is available on PS Store, it is brilliant and plays similarly to Final Fantasy of old. Some cutscenes are hilarious.

  7. It feels strange seeing them talk in English and lip synced if you play in Japanese will the lip syncing be different unlike ghost of tsushima where they speak in Japanese but the lip sync was off

  8. I’m curious as to how the foreign language sub story will work with the English dub? Would they have the American speak Japanese when asking for directions or..? Either way excited to play the game in November.

  9. Do I hear Greg Chun? Hell yeah! His performance as Yagami was fantastic, I can’t wait.
    I’m not familiar with Kaiji Tang’s work, so I’m interested to see how he’ll portray Ichiban
    And of course everyone’s waiting to hear Kiryu and Majima’s VA, I really hope they do them justice

  10. After 7 previous games, I don’t know if I can get myself to switch to playing in english personally. Dub seems great tho.

  11. While I am glad there is dub I still hope there will be an option for folks who prefer it in the original language

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