You NEED to build these before Hardmode! Terraria Top 5 | PC | Console | Mobile

You NEED to build these before Hardmode! Terraria Top 5 | PC | Console | Mobile

Terraria Top 5 things you NEED to build before hardmode looks at my personal list of 5 handy builds that will give you a great start in hardmode after you defeat the Wall of Flesh! This hardmode prep guide will show you some simple Terraria farms and builds that you can setup in pre hardmode in preparation for hardmode!

Guest Editor: Steve_Macc @Macc_and_Steve

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👾 Terraria Pre Hardmode
Terraria Pre-Hardmode is the initial state of the players’s world. It is essentially an ‘easy’ version of the world, featuring enemies and items appropriate for new characters. Pre-Hardmode begins at world creation and ends with the defeat of the Wall of Flesh. Defeating the Wall of Flesh will irreversibly turn the world to Hardmode which adds more content and makes the game more difficult. This is part of regular game advancement.


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  1. But the 03:38 farm uses traps from the Jungle Temple. How am I going to get them without going to hard mode ???

  2. Bruh i literraly did, Mecha Mayhem. But i still can’t kill hallowed Mimic xD!!! (I atempted about 7-12 times) xD

  3. I like to make biomes in boxes after making helevators so just in case my helevators fail then after that it is hard mode time

  4. Happy, im a moblie player. Idk what’s happening to my mechanic, she wont sell me the second timers. Do i need to slay the mech bosses first?

  5. What I like to do as soon as I start my world is build npc prisons get a house and on the second day make a fishing spot and flatten the area massively it rly helps l8r then I go cave mining then the next day I make an arena and I’m set

  6. I don’t need anything for hardmode
    *jumps in hellevator*
    *dies because of fall damage*
    Okay I might need a lucky horseshoe.

  7. Hey happy there is one problem with your hard mode souls farm… you can only do it in hard mode because you won’t know where your hallow will spawn

  8. Thanks for showing me this, I was thinking about having a world just straight for farming loot and this has shown me how to do it properly, thankyou

  9. You know usually I would say a lot of this i was always fine with, but with master mode it’s looking like the tables have turned because of how buff the mobs are now

  10. I just bought the pc version today, and it is so much more fun than the console and mobile versions. The gameplay is the same but the controls are just so much easier

  11. for additional protection from hard mode hallow, crimson, or corruption is to make use of ash blocks to make a 1 block wide pillar either side of your base with a 1 block wide roof so that corrupters and other such enemies that spread the biomes are unable to spread it past you barriers.

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