Your Voice Chicago – SNL

Your Voice Chicago – SNL

A Chicago news anchor (Kenan Thompson) and his guests (Issa Rae, Ego Nwodim) discuss who they will vote for in an upcoming local election.

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  1. That took place outside of Dirty Bourbon in Albuquerque, NM. This is also where Sal’s office was filmed for Breaking Bad.

  2. Lol, Maya Rudolph reminds me of my aunt dressed up and speaking like an older black woman!! I can’t stop laughing! I know she IS half black, but that isn’t her every day personality. It’s just funny to see her act like that!!

  3. So much truth in this skit. Not that I’m a fan of "angry old white men" politicians. But a lot of folks supported Obama just because he was black. And Hillary got support just for the fact that she’s a woman. Skin color or sex does not a good leader make.

  4. Stop blaming the audience. She was NOT funny and this entire trash episode was geared towards black audience member’s. I think a MTA bus driver would have been more entertaining then this chick

  5. This is a great sketch. Funny? Yes. Observational? Yes. Truthful to the times? Yes. It’s wonderfully written and acted. Really good stuff.

  6. One of the worst SNL guest ever…. this show is just sinking hard every weekend… Bieber was only good thing abt this snl weekend

  7. Not sure if Issa’s "F Kanye" was scripted, but I loved it. Ijs Kenan and Ego’s reaction has me thinking it wasn’t scripted.

  8. Lol, it’s funny cause Trump had no experience & still got elected. & “white” people have an edge over jobs traditionally in America due to just being “white” I think that’s the message right? Not sure cause it was hella unfunny..

  9. 2:50
    Rev: "Outlaw masturbation."
    Captions: "Outlamas tour base."

    And I’m sitting here like, "That’s not even how you spell ‘llamas’."

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